Our professions

Not just jobs, but passion

With sites in 56 countries, Limagrain brings together more than 10,000 employees*, with different nationalities and cultures. With rich profiles and a multitude of professions, a wide range of professions is represented in the Group through six business divisions : Limagrain Coop, Field Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Garden Products, Bakery Products and Cereal Ingredients. Each profession whether a plant breeder, an agronomist, a project manager or an industrial manager, plays a key role in the Group's development and contributes to its performance.

*Figures for the overall scope of activity worldwide, taking into account data from the companies AgReliant, AGT, Genective, Seed Co, Soltis, Canterra Seeds and Hengji Limagrain Seeds
**Figures IFRS 11

Research & Development

Functions linked to plant improvement (plant breeding, biotechnology genomics) and to making good use of cereals (ingredients, bakery products).

e.g. Wheat breeder - R&D engineer - Research

(23% of employees)**

Production / Supply Chain

Functions linked to agronomic production, harvesting, different operations carried out in fields and the factory on seeds and other products, until the products are shipped to users and/or distributors.

e.g. Line operator - Agronomic engineer - Crop

(36% of employees)**

Support functions

Support functions, accounts, finance, management control, human resources, purchases

e.g. Management controller - International HR manager - General counsel

(15% of employees)**

Marketing / Sales

Functions linked to promotion (marketing, development, advertising) and to the distribution of products (sales, customer service, merchandising).

e.g. Sales technician - Market manager for bakery products - Sales manager

(27% of employees)**