Working for agricultural progress

Research, science and innovation
have been at the heart of Limagrain’s activity.

Since it was founded, research, science and innovation have been at the heart of Limagrain’s activity. We want to advance agriculture to enable it to meet the many challenges it faces, involving food of course, but also social and environmental challenges. Strengthened by our agricultural and scientific culture, our vision of progress is centered on responsible progress; By offering a product line-up focused on seeds and know-how about plant genetics, we are an alternative to the agro-chemical industry and its all-in-one offers.

We have inherited the expertise of leading families of botanists, together with their spirit of research and innovation, combining scientific rigour, the sharing of knowledge, progress for society and entrepreneurship.

Bolstered by this heritage and its ongoing commitment in this area, Limagrain is proficient in cutting-edge technology, especially with respect to creating new varieties. This also gives us responsibilities as regards science. Firstly, we have the responsibility of promoting scientific knowledge and contributing to the public debate on the importance of science in agricultural development. Secondly, we have to assess the innovations made by scientific progress in our field to inform our decisions. It contributes to this through its participation in national and international preservation programmes and exchanges of genetic material, as well as by its own conservation work.


Varietal innovation

Moving agriculture forward to meet its many challenges.

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Plant biodiversity

Limagrain, in line with its activity as a seed company, considers it a priority to preserve and conserve the genetic biodiversity.

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Societal dialog

We are convinced it is worth contributing to the public debate by speaking with all of our stakeholders.

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