Cooperative governance


  An agricultural cooperative is a company founded and held by farmers to share resources and bring value to their production.


The members or “cooperative partners“ are at the same time partners, suppliers, and customers of their cooperative. Unlike certain traditional and anonymous shareholders, they are agricultural professionals and we know them. The Cooperative is our parent company and the 2,000 farmer members of the Cooperative make up the main shareholders of our Group.

Within the wide range of worldwide leaders in seeds dominated by large agro-chemical groups, we offer an unprecedented form of governance, drawing from our cooperative roots. The Group is directed by a tandem of elected farmer Chairman and salaried CEO to encourage a range of viewpoints among Board Members and Top Executives. Decisions in the end are made by farmers.

Farmers working for farmers

The Cooperative Board
"When you are a farmer, you live according to the seasons and depend on the harvest cycle. You learn to be persistent and patient. It takes breeders 7 to 10 years to develop the varieties we sow. Time is a key element in our business. We are not guided by short-term demands. Our vision of shareholders is that of farmers looking to bring added value to their production and ensure the long-term sustainability of their farms. We are not owners of our cooperative, but temporary beneficiaries. This is what guides our choices over the long term.”

As committed cooperative members, these partners are above all entrepreneurs, more concerned with creating added value for their production than receiving dividends. They consider the Group’s growth over the long term, like their own farms.

Working cooperatively makes it easier to achieve success than by working alone

Executive committee
"Working for a company of men and women means that each day the general interest is put first. It also means being fully committed to a model that focuses on the stability of capital to guarantee its independence and that chooses to re-inject a large portion of its profits into the company’s development to prepare for the future."

Cooperation is part of our DNA because we are a company of men and women. Our development is guided by the desire for independence. We choose to re-inject a very significant portion of our profits into the company’s development. Our capital structure is stable and we cannot be relocated. Instead of short-term steering subject to instant profitability, we prefer solid development to create value over the long term.