Sales and Marketing

Sales Manager at Limagrain: leading a team in the field

 At Limagrain, we consider Sales Managers to be rigorous strategists when it comes to managing the budget allocated to them. But above all we appreciate their excellent managerial qualities, which enable them to keep our sales representatives motivated, as well as their ability to constantly adapt to the unexpected in order to establish long-term ties with our various partners. 

What are the main tasks of a Sales Manager at Limagrain?  

To increase Limagrain's sales and achieve 100% customer satisfaction. The goal, for those of you aspiring to become one of our Sales Managers, is challenging... and exciting at the same time. You are in charge of your own sales team, within a precise geographic sector or for a specific product range. As such, you are the link between sales management, our sales force and our customers.

You are the key person, at the intersection of all these people contributing together to our success. A man or woman with a hands-on approach and a strategic thinker, you are both the dynamic coach who motivates your teams, implementing winning strategies to boost our sales, and the person who supports each team member in the field by monitoring their individual performance.

As Sales Manager at Limagrain, your main tasks involve:

  • Coordinating the sales teams in accordance with the policy set out by your management
  • Increasing your company's turnover and market share
  • Coaching and training your teams to enable them to reach their goals
  • Negotiating regional accounts

What is your role as a Sales Manager at Limagrain? 

As Sales Manager, you enjoy a wide range of opportunities within our group.

We offer prospects in each of our business lines, in almost all of our Business Units, and in all of our worldwide subsidiaries. 

Sales Manager, a position in which interpersonal skills are paramount  

We see you as a hands-on person, always close to your teams and meeting the needs of our customers.

In this position, we rely more than anything else on your human and interpersonal qualities to contribute to the motivation and performance of our teams.

Qualities required

Ability to manage a team and be a good listener
Commercial and negotiation skills
Versatility, rigour and an analytical mindset
Autonomy and adaptability
Initiative and drive