Limagrain, your innovation partner for responsible solutions

 At Limagrain, we want to produce more and better. So our leitmotif is to combine agricultural production output with preserving natural resources, by focusing on solutions that are innovative and continually responsible. 

Passionately committed to the responsible management of GMOs:

Genetically modified plants are one of the solutions to the major agricultural challenges in both today's world and in the future. At Limagrain, we are firmly convinced of this, which is why we devote 14% of our seed R&D to plant biotechnology, which includes GMOs. 

Where are we at with use of GMOs? What do we know about the health risks linked to GMOs? What is Limagrain's approach to the issue?


Purposefully focusing on innovation and progress in agriculture:

Here at Limagrain, we consider genome editing techniques to be complementary to our selection methods. These new tools are faster and more precise, enabling us to express beneficial versions of a plant’s gene.
This is why we are relentlessly pursuing our investments in these strategic technologies, as well as supporting the demand for changes in the European regulatory framework. 

What do we mean exactly by genome editing and NBP? What is Limagrain's position on genome editing techniques? When should we expect the plants resulting from these techniques to come onto the market?

A seed producer that is deeply involved in protecting plant breeding :

Every day, our challenge lies in increasing yields so we can feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050 while protecting natural resources. Every year, we are committed to creating and marketing more than 300 new varieties that are more productive and better adapted to the climate and specific characteristics of specific regions, and thus more resistant to disease.  

Why is plant selection essential? What are the different existing types of seeds and how can farmers access them? Why do seed companies' innovations need to be protected?

 Limagrain, committed to sustainable and responsible agriculture.