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A career as a financial controller at Limagrain

  Financial controllers are at the heart of our strategy and are an invaluable interface for both management and our various business lines.
They help us steer our activities and take essential decisions. We consider them to be crucial to the performance of our company.  

What are the key missions of a financial controller at Limagrain?

The key missions assigned to you as a financial controller include assistance with decision-making and providing support for steering and improving the performance of our business. We see you as a key person in the performance and success of our company.

This is an exciting position that enables you to be at the heart of the engine room. Directly witnessing the economic issues we face every day, you ensure coherence between the group's strategy and its day-to-day operations.

Dealing both with management and operational staff, you help define the group's objectives by developing the management and monitoring tools needed to track results (reports and dashboards).

As a financial controller at Limagrain, your key missions include:

  • Implementing procedures and verifying correct use
  • Drawing up budgets and making adjustments throughout the year (Forecast)
  • Drafting regular reports on the activity of the structure in which you work
  • Analysing results and budget variations
  • Creating dashboards with performance monitoring indicators
  • Performing strategic and financial studies

What is the role of a Limagrain financial controller?

As a financial controller at Limagrain, you may work in a factory, sales department or in teams at the head office.

Wherever you are based, you play an essential role within our company in that you help senior executives and managers take the right decisions.

Your will make full use of your performance measurement dashboards and steering tools, as well as your cross-functional knowledge of the company's organisations, as you will be working closely with all our business lines.

This opens up an extensive scope for action, based on our company's information system to gather information from accounting, production, sales, procurement costs, stocks and other areas.

Financial controller, the technician

Being a financial controller is method, technical skills as well as interpersonal skills.

Qualities required

Good accounting knowledge
Advanced skills in analysing and processing accounting and financial information
An analytical mind
Rigour and organisational ability
Good interpersonal skills