Students and young graduates

Internships and work-study contracts 


Are you looking for an enriching professional experience?

Taking up an internship or work-study contract with Limagrain is a demanding experience but one which provides a wealth of new skills, collaborative projects and challenges. You will be given a real mission that will help you better define your professional ambitions in a collaborative and stimulating work environment.

You will be welcomed as a fully-fledged member of a team that will respect your ideas and encourage you to progress.

International business volunteer scheme

If you are less than 28 years old, an EU citizen and a young graduate...

Limagrain offers the chance to acquire your first international professional experience for a period of 12 to 24 months under the VIE scheme. Each year, 10 graduates are chosen to travel abroad under the scheme to carry out missions for Limagrain (e.g. South Africa, Mexico, United States, Denmark, El Salvador or Brazil).