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We dedicate this area to you, to tell you more about Limagrain, notify you of our job vacancies and give you an outline of the values that drive us on a daily basis.
We hope it will make you want to come and join our incredible human adventure.

Join the beautiful Limagrain adventure!

Do you want to give meaning to your work? Have a real impact on the future of our food? Contribute to developments in agriculture and to a sustainable world? If you too love the Earth and Life, join our teams!
Whether you are a carrot selector, biostatistician, R&D engineer in bakery products, production technician, export sales representative or financial expert, we need your talents.
At Limagrain, you will play a role in our great ambition to create the seeds for tomorrow and invent the food of the future.

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Come and join the Limagrain community of enthusiasts

Here at Limagrain, we consider work to be a wonderful, shared adventure.
It is the adventure of making progress in agriculture and food a source of collective pride. It is the adventure of ensuring cooperation lies at the heart of our company’s operations.
You will be part of our great community of 9,335 enthusiasts. Let’s work together, hand-in-hand, with our feet on the ground and in a family spirit.
We believe that the path to excellence involves exploring, learning and always doing our best to move forward together.

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Limagrain, a powerful story between you, us and the Earth

At the root of Limagrain lies a deep attachment to Auvergne, and, more specifically, the area of Limagne, previously known as the “Garden of France”. This attachment is so strong that the area has given its name to our Group.
We feel this direct link between the Earth and our core business of seeds.
Knowing where we come from is crucial for knowing where we’re going.
We are convinced of this and if you too are convinced, we can doubtlessly combine our energies for the common good.

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Do you really know limagrain?

Limagrain means... first and foremost, strong values and a strong culture

We are an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers and an international seed group.

We strive to be a company that is deeply committed to progress and innovation.
Day after day, we focus on the genetic progress of plants; we select, produce and market field crop seeds and vegetable seeds.

This is how we have been able to create unique integrated cereal chains.

Limagrain means... wanting to work for the progress of agriculture everywhere, for everyone

Starting from the region of our parent company in France, we have become the 4th largest seed company in the world.

We operate in 53 countries, bound by a common purpose, namely to cooperate for the progress of agriculture everywhere, for everyone.

Limagrain means... a deep-seated employee promise with which you will become actively involved

Both an agricultural cooperative and international seed group, Limagrain has a story that goes back over 50 years.

We are proud of our dual nature. It is the pride of men and women that are all actively involved in a meaningful, human adventure created by yourselves.

You will be writing a page in our history book.

Limagrain means... responsible and innovative products

Here at Limagrain, we have set out to create a unique link between all those involved in our product chain.

We are the only seed producer that brings together plant breeders, farmers, manufacturers, distributors and consumers.

Whatever your specialised area, you are sure to find your place with us

Research and Innovation

Careers in plant improvement (plant breeding, biotechnology and genomics) and cereal development (ingredients, bakery products).


Sales and Marketing

Careers in promotion (marketing, development, communication) and product distribution (sales, sales administration, merchandising).


Production and Opérations

Careers in agronomic production, from harvesting and the various operations performed in fields and factories on seeds and other products (manufacturing), up to the dispatch of goods to users and/or distributors.


Support Functions and General Management

Careers in support, accounting, finance, financial control, human resources and purchasing.


Latest offers

Chef de produit (H/F)

  • Pays de Loire
  • Fixed Term
  • Vilmorin-Mikado - La Ménitré

Laboratory technician

  • Auvergne
  • Fixed Term
  • Limagrain Europe - France

Hybrid Wheat Breeder

  • Auvergne
  • Regular Full Time
  • Limagrain Europe - France

Head of Finance BSA Brazil (with extended role to support Chile and Peru) (M/F)

  • Regular Full Time
  • Limagrain Americas - Brazil


  • Rhone-Alpes
  • Regular Full Time
  • HM.CLAUSE - France

Conducteur d'installation industrielle (H/F)

  • Pays de Loire
  • Regular Full Time
  • Limagrain Europe - France

Communication Officer America Unit (M/F)

  • Regular Full Time
  • Vilmorin-Mikado México


  • Rhone-Alpes
  • Seasonal worker
  • Limagrain Coop

Assistant(e) Qualité (H/F)

  • Centre
  • Fixed Term
  • Jacquet Brossard - France - Brossard Pithiviers

Molecular Lab Specialist (M/F)

  • Regular Full Time