Acting responsibly

Contributing to more sustainable progress

Limagrain aims to be a group proud of its values and a player in economic and agricultural development in the areas in which it operates, with the goal of placing people and human progress at the core of its priorities.

For its development in France and internationally, Limagrain conducts its activities responsibly with respect for all stakeholders, first and foremost the men and women of its organization. It does so with profound respect for all cultures, understanding that welcoming difference is a source of richness for everyone.

This responsibility can be seen every day through the implementation of ethical principles shared by all our employees, with the goal of ensuring that our development takes place in a sustainable way while respecting people and the environment.

Ethical principles
and code of conduct

Ethical principles and code of conduct

Limagrain is an ethical and responsible company in its practices, awareness of its impacts, and contributions to the evolution of all forms of agriculture. 

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Environmental impact and ecology are now, more than ever, our central concerns.

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Professional fulfilment

Men and women are at the heart of the Limagrain Project. Respecting and welcoming differences of all kinds is seen as a source of enrichment for everyone.

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