Warning device

Report any action contrary to the Code of Conduct  

A whistleblowing system is
available to all colleagues to be
informed of any actions that go
against the «Ethical Principles
and Code of Conduct».

All Limagrain employees, as well as any temporary
or external workers, or any third parties connected
with Limagrain may, within the framework of their
professionnal activities, witness events actions, or
behaviors contrary to the provisions in the Ethical
Principles and Code of Conduct.
All employees have the duty to report any events
they are aware of as quickly as possible, first to
their line manager or general management (HR
manager, Business Unit or subsidiaries CEO) for
employees or, for third parties, their contact person
if the possibility exists.
They may also directly contact the Limagrain
Disclosure Management Committee at:
Receiving and addressing a disclosure shall be
done in total confidentiality in compliance with
applicable legal provisions and the procedure
in effect at Limagrain. 


The implementation of the whistleblowing system is the application of the French law No. 2016-1691
of December 9, 2016, called “Sapin II,” related to transparency, anti-corruption, and modernization
of economic life. It also supplements the whistleblowing system by defining a general regime
for the protection of whistleblowers.
The “whistleblowing system” and the “protection of the whistleblower” are two mechanisms defined
by law. Compliance with its terms will determine its validity.
Other countries where Limagrain operates have comparable legislation.