Support Functions and General Management

A career as an IT project manager at Limagrain

 Here at Limagrain, we consider IT project managers as orchestrators.
From drafting the IT specifications to delivering the final tools, they make use of their technical and managerial skills, ensuring they meet both their deadlines and budgets."   

What are the key missions of an IT project manager at Limagrain?

The IT project manager's main task is to transform the company's requirements into IT solutions.
They play a central role in projects, deploying a wide range of skills – technical of course, but also managerial, as they provide support for developers in their daily tasks. 

IT project managers are highly versatile, working on ambitious assignments to ensure projects are run smoothly and successfully:

  • Drawing up the schedule and scope of application of projects
  • Budgeting
  • Managing the interface between the various people involved (engineers, technicians, customers, suppliers, etc.)
  • Steering, monitoring and coordinating the project
  • Setting up the project's structure and operating rules (methods, steering tools, indicators, etc.)
  • Defining the project, objectives and deadlines for the deliverables in conjunction with teams (applications, modules, specific developments, etc.)
  • Deciding the allocation of resources, according to the technical constraints of the project
  • Steering and measuring progress (creating dashboards, selecting indicators and planning steering committee meetings)
  • Organising and leading steering committee meetings with decision-makers

What is the role of a Limagrain IT project manager?

As an IT project manager, you play a structuring role in our business.

You are at the heart of the Limagrain IT teams.
Your role is to meet the needs and specific characteristics of each of our Business Units.

IT Project manager and orchestrator

In this position, you are a true orchestrator, making full use of your technical and managerial skills and, above all, the human and relational qualities that make a real difference when motivating our teams.

Qualities required

Good knowledge of the main development tools and a set of application solutions (ERP, CRM, EAI, ...)
Ability to understand the impacts of the information system architecture on the project, and good knowledge of application architectures
Knowledge of project management processes and methods
Good interpersonal and communication skills
Rigor and autonomy
Anticipatory spirit
Pragmatism and responsiveness
The ability to work in a team
Analytical skills