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A career as a network architect at Limagrain

  Here at Limagrain, we rely heavily on our network architect.
It ensures the smooth end-to-end operation of our telecommunications system via the network infrastructure. 

What are the key missions of a network architect at Limagrain?

Companies currently have exponential requirements in terms of digital communication, revealing the extent to which it is crucial to have an expert in networks and telecommunications to analyse the flow of information and propose the most appropriate solutions in terms of technical feasibility and budget.

This expert is the network architect.
In this position, your mission is to design, plan and develop the general organisation (architecture) of the telecommunication networks.

You also ensure their proper implementation and the cohesion of technical solutions within the Information System.

As a network architect, your key missions include:

  • Analysing the existing network and assessing the technical communication needs for the website, intranet, messaging, etc
  • Proposing structures and solutions to meet the company's requirements
  • Assembling the systems
  • Designing a testing strategy
  • Sharing your expertise with other Architects
  • Drawing up schedules and monitoring budgets

What is the role of a Limagrain network architect?

As a network architect, you play a structuring role in our business, as well as being at the heart of Limagrain IT teams.

Your role is to work with each of our Business Units in order to provide an optimal response to their needs and specific characteristics.

Network architects play a key role as networks become denser

A sense of rigour and method are among the qualities required for this position.
But in addition, we are looking for people with both technical skills and good interpersonal skills, as the position requires them to work closely with a wide range of people.

Qualities required

Expertise in networks and telecommunications
Permanent monitoring of developments
Rigour, an analytical mind and methodology
Excellent listening skills
Skills of persuasion