Research and Innovation

Breeding: where agronomy and biology cross paths

Our breeders integrate and prioritize the range of information produced on the plants being bred in order to choose those most suitable for cultivation. We are proud to be able to count on them to meet our agricultural and food challenges. They play an active role in satisfying our consumers in terms of quality and food safety.

What are the main tasks of a breeder at Limagrain?

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything can be transformed. In an ever-changing agricultural and environmental context, breeders develop new plant varieties adapted to the various uses for which they are intended, whether for food for humans, animal feed or non-food uses.

These varieties fit into a framework that is both agronomic (tolerance to biotic and abiotic factors) and societal (reduction of inputs, quality of finished products).
As a breeder, you skilfully combine theory and practice, continually in contact with the land, its resources and its people. As your work is necessarily a team effort: you are in close contact with our in-house teams (crops, production, research and development, engineering, sales, etc.) and with our farmer suppliers. We encourage them to adopt a multidisciplinary approach that combines agronomy, biology, biotechnology and marketing.

As a breeder, your main tasks involve:

  • Building a long-term breeding programme
  • Cross-breeding plants of different varieties/species
  • Team management
  • Monitoring the development of plants in the field or in the laboratory and selecting the most promising varieties.
  • Verifying and tracking the quality of new varieties both in the laboratory and directly in the field

What is your role as a breeder at Limagrain? 

You are naturally passionate about plants as this job involves working on living organisms and following nature’s pace. Indeed, breeding is a long-term job as it takes several years to develop a new variety.
In the end, you have the satisfaction of working towards efficient agriculture.

You are committed to serving farmers and consumers, enabling them to produce and eat quality products.

Breeder, a job that combines technical and inter-personal skills 

At Limagrain, we believe in people with the technical skills required for this position, but above all in their inter-personal qualities and passion. 

Qualities required

Scientific rigour
Team work
Strong analytical and presentation skills