Production and Operations

A career as an agricultural engineer at Limagrain

  Farmers must be able to produce food in an increasingly responsible manner.
Through the range of missions we assign to our agronomists, we put our trust in people who give them the means to do this.  

What are the key missions of an agricultural engineer at Limagrain?

Here at Limagrain, we resolutely believe in the progress of agriculture and the strong link that connects us to the land. This is why we insist that our agronomists always work is close collaboration with farmers throughout the world.
Our agronomists' mission is to gear their research and advice to the real needs of today's agriculture.

In the strictest respect for the environment and according to stringent quality standards, they find alternatives to the use of chemical inputs and phytosanitary products, studying climate conditions and different farming methods to ensure the ongoing quality of our products.


What is the role of a Limagrain agricultural engineer?

As an agricultural engineer, your role - your ambition - is to support agricultural producers in all aspects of managing a farm business.

You help to develop agriculture and animal husbandry throughout the world, improving the environmental impact of agricultural production and making agriculture accessible everywhere and for everyone.

This is the noble challenge we offer you as a member of a Limagrain team. And we give you the means to succeed, as over 15% of our turnover from seeds is currently invested in research, involving almost 20% of our total workforce.

Agricultural engineer, a career in the field

The position of agricultural engineer is first and foremost a field job, involving all stages of the agricultural production chain.

It requires a wide range of technical skills, which vary according to the chosen specialisation. As an agronomist, you can for example focus on seed selection (vegetable or field crop) or plant certification (patent registration).

You can also use your expertise to improve agricultural methods (agricultural consultancy or the design of computer tools).

Qualities required

An organized and rational mind
Good communication and listening skills
Enjoy working in the field