Why choose Limagrain?

Beyond the exciting mission on offer, we take pride in providing you with an equitable and gratifying compensation system.
Here at Limagrain, we are therefore committed to developing a fair and motivating pay and benefits package for all our employees, combining appeal and competitiveness. 

A motivating pay and benefits package
At Limagrain, we have created a highly motivating compensation and benefits system. We have taken a global approach to ensure equal treatment and have designed it to be perfectly tailored to the local employment context.

In this way, we best meet the expectations of all our employees, in all the regions where we operate.

Incentives and profit-sharing to reward your contribution to our good results 
We redistribute a proportion of the profit we make to our employees through our profit-sharing scheme. We reward and incentivise them to perform well through our incentive scheme that applies to all skill levels. 

We have sought to extend this French scheme throughout our group, covering foreign companies and all of our subsidiaries, including those that have recently joined the scope of consolidation and are more than 50% owned. The scheme comprises a “Company” component, calculated according to the performance of the subsidiary, and a “Group” component.

A motivating savings scheme that performs better than the market average 
We also want to motivate our staff by offering them deferred remuneration with tax and social benefits.
Two schemes are available: :

  • A Group Savings Scheme (PEG): offered to French employees, for which we pay the running costs. Our aim is to provide remuneration that is higher than that the market average. Our PEG is made up of three funds - two of which are exclusively reserved for Limagrain. They are orientated according to investment profiles ranging from secure to performance optimisation. One of these is a socially responsible fund, accredited by reference bodies (Finansol and the CIES). This fund is partly invested in socially responsible companies active in the areas of social and professional integration (ADIE, Initiative France, La Varappe Group), mobility (Wimoov) and access to housing (SNLPrologues, Foncière Habitat & Humanisme).
  • A Collective Pension Fund (PERCO): our PERCO entitles members to attractive tax reductions. It includes an employer contribution component designed to help employees save for their retirement. In France, Limagrain pays the joining fee and running costs.
An international group health and life insurance plan that provides uniform cover for each country
We take the social protection of our employees very seriously and believe this is a key factor in attracting and retaining employees. Our goal is therefore to provide uniform cover for each country, regardless of your Business Unit.
Our system also means you can move between Business Units without changing schemes. You will benefit at the very least from a health plan in line with market practices and life-insurance that provides at least one year's remuneration in the event of death.