Our careers

Our careers: Opportunities for enthusiasts

Limagrain has 9,539 employees from a wide range of nationalities and cultures, working in 53 different countries. Our group is enriched by its many profiles and professions. 
A wide range of careers are open to you in any one of the group’s six business lines, namely Limagrain Coop, Field Seeds, Vegetable Seeds, Garden Products, Bakery Products and Cereal Ingredients. Each professional, from selectors to agricultural engineers, from project leaders to industrial managers, plays a key role in the group’s development.
Together, you contribute to the group’s performance. 

Focus on our business lines and the promising career paths available

Limagrain is a gateway to 184 different careers and much more.
When you apply to join us, you can be sure that you will not only use your career skills, but also collaborate with the wide range of expertise of our various employees.

Research and Innovation

Are you enthusiastic about research in plant improvement (plant breeding, biotechnology and genomics) and cereal development (ingredients and bakery products)? So are we!
Limagrain provides you with the required resources and an exciting environment to constantly improve the quality of our products. 

Example of careers:

Production and Operations

At Limagrain, we offer fulfilling careers at every stage of the production of our agricultural seeds.
You are sure to be able to develop your skills, from production, harvesting, the various operations performed in fields and factories on seeds and other products (manufacturing), right up to the dispatch of goods to users and/or distributors.

Example of careers:

Support Functions and General Management

Accounting, finance, financial control, human resources and purchasing: these functions provide support and are in constant contact with the various business lines.
We see them as essential functions enabling all our employees to work efficiently, thereby contributing to customer satisfaction. You too can join these high value-added professions.

Example of careers:



Sales and Marketing

At Limagrain, the link between our company and our customers is crucial. We aim to achieve customer satisfaction in all areas. We offer outstanding opportunities in promotion-related careers (marketing, development and communication) and product distribution (sales, sales administration and merchandising), where you can use your talent to the full to design and offer products and services to meet our customers' needs.

Example of careers: