Our purpose


For over 50 years, Limagrain has been building cooperation to ensure the progress of agriculture for farmers both in its region of origin in France and around the world. 

We are proud of our dual nature, an agricultural cooperative and an international seed group, and we defend the vision of responsible progress.

As an agricultural cooperative owned by French farmers, Limagrain is developing production and agri-food chains that meet the needs of the family farm entrepreneurship of its region of origin, Limagne Val d’Allier. Limagrain contributes to the vitality and sustainable performance of the farms in this region and aims to make it an area of agricultural excellence.

As an international seed group, Limagrain provides farmers worldwide with innovative solutions based on plant genetics and which help agricultural production systems achieve better agronomic and environmental performance. Limagrain thereby helps farmers meet societal expectations with respect to food quality and the preservation of the planet.

Focusing on its expertise in seeds and plant improvement, Limagrain meets these challenges through genetic progress. In this way, it ensures farmers remain independent and have freedom of choice regarding other production factors. Guided by its cooperative roots, placing people at its core, Limagrain cultivates respect for the culture, people and freedom of choice in each of the areas in which it operates. Limagrain also aims to demonstrate an attractive model, based on respect for individuals to further social progress for everyone.