Our life at Limagrain

Day after day, we want to develop our human capital and ensure each of our employees grows alongside contributing to the development of our group.

Fulfillment in the workplace, skills development and pride in belonging - for us, these are the keys to your motivation and to our long-term future.

Progress at your own pace, thanks to our evolutive career path 
At Limagrain, we care deeply about your requirements and expectations in terms of professional development. We have introduced a robust policy of appraisals throughout your career. This includes annual appraisal interviews, twice-yearly professional interviews, a career audit, an interview in the last part of your career (from the age of 57), as well as interviews before leaving and resuming your job after a long absence.

Boost your employability and expertise with our training programmes
Your employability and the development of your skills is of utmost importance to us at every stage of your career within Limagrain. We have introduced training programmes that guarantee you high standards in terms of health and safety in the workplace. But that is not all. At Limagrain, we want to encourage closer ties between cultures and people. Limagrain Academy gives you access to high-quality training programmes that enable you to get to know people of all nationalities from throughout our group, as well as our member farmers. 

Take pride in your company: become a Limagrain ambassador! 
The only genuine form of wealth is people. We believe in the strength of combined forces and pride of belonging. We are building our new employer brand with you and we are really proud of your commitment. This is why we wanted to use "Limagrain Inside" to honour our volunteer ambassadors and show both their faces and working environments. We would like you to join the adventure.