Diversity in Limagrain

diversity at limagrain's core

At Limagrain, we believe diversity to be a source of enrichment and productivity.

Our strategy is to make differences between our employees a powerful lever for fulfillment and development, for each person and for the group as a whole.

Collective intelligence is undoubtedly the source and driving force of our progress. By bringing together individual expertise and integrating talents and cultures from a range of backgrounds, we combine the diversity of each person's ideas.Our cooperation is a source of internal cohesion, innovation and creativity. It is a source of ongoing commitment and heightens your pride in belonging to the group. Together, we will succeed in finding the fairest and most equitable solutions to the world's agri-food challenges.
This virtuous circle, which we would like you to join, is the very purpose of our existence.

Our geographical, cultural and professional diversity is a source of opportunities for us as well as for you. Let's talk about it!

53 countries where you can exercise and develop your talents

We show multiple facets through our geographic diversity and the variety of our business lines, talents and the diversity of our products, yet we are also singular in terms of our Group identity, which is a successful relationship between an agricultural cooperative and an international seed group. We strive to maintain the right balance between the autonomy of action of our subsidiaries and respect for the family spirit that presides over the future of our Group.

Our Group is made up of many companies with very different legal statuses. We are always careful to adapt to the economic circumstances of the country in which our subsidiaries are located.

Organising companies into Business Units ensures consistency throughout the group. Local management at grassroots level is our strength, ensuring operations are flexible, adaptable and efficient.

Our philosophy is to embrace the culture of each country in which we operate, while adhering to our common project.

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Diversity of our employees for mutual enrichment

A company's strength lies first and foremost in its talent. Exchanges between men and women from different backgrounds is, in our view, an inexhaustible source of personal and professional development. 

As 55% of our employees work outside France, Limagrain prides itself on being a multicultural group.

We rely on you, as employees seeking to enhance each other’s experiences and be proactive both in your own life and that of the group.
We therefore offer 184 different career opportunites for you to satisfy your desire for challenge, audacity and curiosity.

Naturally, we pay special attention to gender equality and in particular to reducing the pay gap between men and women.
We are proud of our good results in this area, namely an 87/100 Group average, as measured by the 2019 gender equality index for our employees in France.

Diversity of our brands and products to best meet customer needs 

As a seed company, we are naturally committed to preserving biodiversity.
This is assessed in consideration of the diversity of ecosystems, species and genes.

Every year, our research and innovation teams work tirelessly and passionately to create nearly 300 new varieties of cereals and vegetables.

We devote 20 million euros to preserving plant biodiversity.

We are now proud to have 12 Business Units and brands representing our seed and cereal businesses around the world.

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