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Agri-food research and development engineer - job description

 At each stage of our processing chain, we aim for excellence and seek to offer the most innovative products. We thank our R&D engineers who, through their scientific rigor, creativity and passion for our products, ensure the satisfaction of our consumers. 

What are the main tasks of a research and development engineer in agri-food at Limagrain?

At Limagrain, innovation is at the core of our cereals and none of this would be possible without our Research and Development (R&D) engineers. In this position, you develop new products and create new product ranges, from composition to packaging.

We see you as the crucial link in our collective intelligence. You work closely with our marketing department to best meet the needs of our consumers. You design and put forward the best solutions with our biologists and laboratories. You collaborate with our production departments and suppliers, ensuring strict, ongoing compliance with health regulations. From creating the recipe to packaging, you are committed to a rigorous approach to your projects.

As an Agri-food Research and Development Engineer, your main missions at Limagrain involve: 

  • Defining the feasibility and profitability of a project
  • Developing technical proposals
  • Defining methods, means of study and design and their implementation
  • Conducting tests and trials, analysing results and determining product and process development
  • Coordinating the activity of a multidisciplinary team composed of industrial, new project, marketing, trade, logistics and purchasing staff
  • Protecting innovations by drafting scientific studies and/or patents
  • Collaborating with R&D partners (suppliers, technical centres, universities and laboratories)
  • Managing projects as a project manager
  • Technology watch

What is your role as an agri-food R&D engineer at Limagrain? 

In this position, we offer you unrivalled career prospects in our processing chains, both at Limagrain Ingredients and Jacquet Brossard.
Research is crucial in our group in order to ensure optimal processing and use of farmers' crops.

It is thanks to you that we achieve the operational excellence that is essential for us to remain competitive.

The art of combining scientific rigour, creativity and innovation

Your position as a research and development engineer demands a rigorous mind to obtain reliable results.
It also requires a keen ability to work in a team and in project mode. 

Qualities required

Quality standards
Food science and technology