Sales and Marketing

Product manager: guaranteeing performance and profitability

 As Marketing Product Manager at Limagrain, you orchestrate the life of our products. From A to Z, from the initial design to development to final consumption, you work on all aspects of our products (recipe, packaging and prices) and their popularity among our customers.
We see you as the guarantor of our performance and profitability. 

What are the main tasks of a marketing product manager at Limagrain?

To attract our consumers by adapting to their tastes and requirements to boost Limagrain's sales.  In this position, you manage the entire life of our products, from creation to sale. What could be more exciting than following the development of a product from one end of the production chain to the other?

A strategist by nature, you surf on trends and take the latest tastes into account to anticipate the needs of our future consumers. To do this, you rely on market research and work with our manufacturing and sales teams. Your adventure continues with the implementation of a communication plan. You continually adjust your marketing plan and budget to optimize results. At Limagrain, we promise you a job with wide range of cross-contacts that bring many of your skills into play.

Your main tasks as a marketing product manager involve: 

  • Conducting market research to analyse consumer needs and expectations
  • Constant monitoring of the market and competition
  • Step-by-step tracking of product manufacture
  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative studies on a representative sample of the population
  • Choosing and organising advertising campaigns for the product release and promotion
  • Training and advising the sales team for sales prospection campaigns

What is your role as a marketing product manager at Limagrain? 

You study our market and consumer expectations before developing products that will best meet their requirements. In this, as marketing product manager, you have the satisfaction of performing a crucial and comprehensive job in the development and marketing of a new product.

We offer you prospects for fulfillment in most of our Business Units, with a very varied work outlook: our customers, like our products, are very different according to our sectors.

Product manager, expertise that combines sales and marketing

With a commercial mind set and a technical or even scientific background, you bring your listening and dialogue skills to this position, combined with creativity and a sense of practicality.  

Qualities required

Product awareness
Strategic vision