An agricultural cooperative, founded and directed by farmers

The members are not anonymous shareholders. 

Our shareholders are farmer members of the co-operative. A company of Men and Women and not capital, practicing an original governance model, with an elected farmer Chairman and a salaried CEO appointed by the Board of Directors.

We know that cooperation is a strength, helping us to see close up and into the distance.

Our collaborative spirit, a originality

The Cooperative has the responsibility to provide an efficient and sustainable extension of its members’ farms. A governance unprecedented among leading international seed companies. 

A tandem farmer Chairman and salaried Top Executive reproduced in the operational business activities.

Jean-Yves Foucault

Chairman of the Cooperative

A farmer and livestock breeder, he was elected First Vice Chairman of the Cooperative in 2009. In 2011, he became Chairman.

The Cooperative Board

Damien Bourgarel


Damien Bourgarel was appointed CEO of Limagrain by the Board of Directors on December 14, 2017.

Executive committee

agricultural cooperative
Limagrain supports the campaign to promote agricultural cooperation.

The advantages of Limagrain’s governance

Limagrain has based its development on a proper balance between the anchorage of its farmer shareholding in Auvergne and its international dimension. Strengthened by
this stable and united shareholding, and bearing a long-term vision, Limagrain has aligned its economic performance with the long term. The Group’s values are also those of the agricultural world: progress, perseverance and cooperation, giving meaning to its relationships with its stakeholders.