Our activities and brands

Limagrain, Specialized
in seeds and agri-food products

We are operate in close proximity
with our markets in 57 countries

165 M € Turnover

Plant production, advice and distribution.

For farmers,the agri-food industry and consumers

672 M€ Turnover

Corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, etc.

For farmers

705 M€ Turnover

Tomato, carrot, melon, cauliflower, bell pepper seeds, etc.

For growers and canners



52 M€ Turnover

Vegetable and flower seeds, amenity grass seeds and flower bulbs

For distribution and consumers

151 M€ Turnover

Semolina and wheat and corn flours, cereal-based texturing agents, functional flours, food fibers

For the agri-food industry

300 M€ Turnover

Sandwich loaves, specialty breads, crisp breads, pastries

For distribution, consumers, and the agri-food industry