An efficient decision-making system

What is the decision-making process within Limagrain?

Pair pictogram

The Chairman, an elected farmer, and the CEO, an employee appointed by the Board of Directors at the suggestion of the Chairman, form a tandem which co-manages the Group.

Pair pictogram

This tandem of elected Board Member and salaried CEO is reproduced for each activity.

Participant pictogram

Since 1999, the company’s Top Executives, no matter their nationality or status, contribute to the Cooperative’s capital in the same way as the farmer members, and are represented on the Board of Directors, through a dedicated section.

The Bureau

Sébastien VIDAL – Chairman
Sébastien BRIFFOND, Eric GRELICHE et
Pierre-Antoine RIGAUD – 
Vice Chairmen

guillemets The Bureau analyzes the strategic choices
and the major files for the Cooperative and the Group.guillemets