Our innovation

Promoting innovative and responsible solutions

Innovative seeds and cereal products to produce more and better.

In 2050, all farmers will need to be mobilized to increase agricultural production by 70% and meet the needs of close to 10 billion people (8.3 million by 2030!). Agriculture will need to offer healthy and safe products, with limited arable land, by being even more economic in terms of resources. 

The group is constantly improving its practices in aiming for optimized operational excellence. 

Scientific progress, a priority

Innovation is key to Limagrain’s competitiveness and performance, whether for seeds or cereal products.

Innovation has always been the foundation for major changes in agriculture: mechanization, fertilization, plant protection and, especially, plant breeding.

Alongside essential agricultural policies, plant improvement, coupled with changes in cultivation techniques, remains the main solution.

The need for an international dimension and heavy investment in research from genetics to transformed products

Continuous innovation in plant breeding is critical for seed quality, as well as for ingredients and bakery products offered to customers.

This is why Limagrain spends 14.6% of professional sales re-invested in research*.

*Figures for the overall scope of activity worldwide, taking into account data from the companies AgReliant, AGT, Genective, Seed Co, Soltis, Canterra Seeds and Hengji Limagrain Seeds

Cereal products, innovation is a decisive factor in making a difference in markets

In ingredients, it is important to be able to offer products to industry that meet the needs for quality, health, and cost optimization. In bakery products, the market is in a race for innovations that satisfy customers and differentiate themselves from competitors.