The Limagrain Cooperative

Acting on behalf of our farmers

For more than 50 years, the Cooperative has been the heart of the Limagrain organization. It is also the heart of its region, with its economic mission on behalf of its farmer members. 


the farmer members



The Limagrain Cooperative brings together close to 1,300 farmers. These farmers hold the capital of the Cooperative, while the Board of Directors, whose members are elected by the farmer members, provides governance for the Cooperative and Group.

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To serve its members, the Cooperative's organization is based on different value chains for their plant production, set up over the years by the Cooperative in its region. It is organized according to several businesses, the most important of which is the production of corn, sunflower, straw cereal, and vegetable seeds. This is the historical business of the Cooperative.

The organization of semolina corn and improver wheat production into traced integrated chains is the Cooperative’s second business. The semolina corn and improver wheat are intended solely for human consumption. The Cooperative also supplies high quality seeds produced in compliance with strict specifications to Limagrain Ingredients and an external clientele. These integrated cereal chains, genuine short industrial channels, contribute to the sustainability of the region's farms.

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The Cooperative also ensures the follow-up, collection, storage, and distribution of production. In addition, it provides agronomic expertise and technical advice to farmer members. 

Finally, the Cooperative is involved in a wine chain by collecting grapes for the company Desprat St Verny. This wine chain is unique: less than 10 wineries in the world have vines grown on volcanoes. Volcanic wines are thus very rare and Auvergne is the only terroir in France that is able to produce this type of wine under the Protected Origin appellation.

43 000 ha
of production contracted out with the Cooperative
(close to 50% of the plant production in the Puy-de-Dôme region)

Contribute to sustainable performance of coop-members' farms


Limagrain has been contributing to the activity of its cooperative partners farms, by offering production areas that provide fair remuneration and solutions to help the sustainable performance...

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