Students and young graduates

A wide range of internships, work-study contracts and VIE in several different professions both in France and abroad

Internships and work-study contracts 


Are you looking for an enriching professional experience?

Taking up an internship or work-study contract with Limagrain is a demanding experience but one which provides a wealth of new skills, collaborative projects and challenges. You will be given a real mission that will help you better define your professional ambitions in a collaborative and stimulating work environment.

You will be welcomed as a fully-fledged member of a team that will respect your ideas and encourage you to progress.

International business volunteer scheme

If you are less than 28 years old, an EU citizen and a young graduate...

Limagrain offers the chance to acquire your first international professional experience for a period of 12 to 24 months under the VIE scheme. Each year, 10 graduates are chosen to travel abroad under the scheme to carry out missions for Limagrain (e.g. South Africa, Mexico, United States, Denmark, El Salvador or Brazil).

Partnerships with schools and universities

Limagrain has a close relationship with the world of education and has established targeted partnerships all over the world.

Schools and universities are selected in accordance with our core businesses and for their international mindset. As well as offering many different collaborative educational projects, they also represent an important source of recruitment.

We regularly travel to meet with students participating in forums and we also contribute to teaching, propose study topics and hold open days (at our factories, research centers, etc.) for educational visits.


Partnership with the prestigious University of Florida

Limagrain and its subsidiary HM.Clause have formed a partnership for 3 and 5 years respectively with one of the biggest universities in the US, known in particular for its research on agriculture and food. Limagrain will be supporting the University's “Challenge 2050” Project, which aims to develop innovative solutions to face challenges relating to food and the well-being of the world's population.

This partnership targets several objectives: share our expertise through contributions by managers and top executives to the educational program; host students within the Group's companies; and develop targeted training programs.

 In 2017 Limagrain was certified "Happy at Work for Starters", awarded to companies where it is considered beneficial to start your career.