A long-term vision of development

Our ambition:

Limagrain’s aim is to be a key international player on the markets for seeds and cereal products. We are striving for international, responsible growth supported by the long-term vision that characterizes our cooperative governance.

 An approach combining internal growth and targeted acquisitions.

Balanced development
between local and international

  • Our foundation is the Cooperative in Auvergne, which strengthens the farms of our farmer members through the production of seeds and their transformation in high-added value chains.
  • We are ambitious in our development in field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products.

To provide farmers throughout the world with sustainable solutions to improve their farms' profitability

For seeds, through scientific progress applied to the plant world

  • more productive varieties
  • varieties better adapted to different climates and regions
  • varieties more resistant to diseases
  • varieties better adapted to the value chain

For cereals, through the enhancement
of our know-how

  • integrated chains in Limagne: seeds, semolina corn, integrated wheat chains
  • tested knowledge of interactions between genetics and industrial processes
  • renowned brands

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