Proposing innovative and responsible agri-food solutions

Proposing innovative and responsible
agri-food solutions

Innovation is a priority for Limagrain. Our research and development budget represents 14.3% of our professional sales in 2017-2018 and 22% of our workforce.
We seek to provide innovative and responsible agri-food solutions at each stage of our value chain.


Scientific progress,especially in the genetic sphere, has allowed us to make rapid and useful progress to improve plants. The results of varietal creation now allow us to offer more productive varieties that are better adapted to climates and other characteristics of particular regions, more resistant to disease and pests, while guaranteeing optimum nutritional qualities. Our teams work on more than 60 species, thus contributing to the enrichment of plant biodiversity.

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 Agricultural practices are improved thanks to the integration of genetics and digital technologies. Our efforts focus in particular on precision agriculture, which complements the farmer’s view and experience, so that they can be modelled, in data form, on innovative production systems. This results in a better knowledge of soils and how to protect them.

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in processes and products

Improving industrial procedures and solutions to optimise our productivity and / or better meet the societal, economic and environmental expectations of our professional customers and consumers.

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We are not agrochemists.
We are moving forward in our practices in order to constantly improve how we can meet the challenges facing food, the environment, and society, while also maintaining good economic performance. There can be no sustainable agriculture without sustainable farmers.