A culture of partnership in favor of collective intelligence

By its nature, Limagrain cultivates cooperation as a strength

It makes it easier to achieve success than by working alone. Limagrain actively collaborates with other cooperatives, especially by offering seed production contracts to partner organizations. This cooperation is also reflected in strategic partnerships in research or sales through joint ventures with other organizations. 

This is the case, most notably, with AgReliant Genetics in North America, a 50/50 joint venture with the German seed company KWS. Finally, Limagrain maintains several collaborations in the scientific, industrial and commercial fields.

Limagrain is involved in trade associations and professional representative bodies

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Limagrain is a stakeholder at the national level – with the GNIS (National Trade Association Group for Seeds and Seedlings) and the UFS (French Union of Seed Companies) –, the European level – with the ESA (European Seed Association) – and the international level – with the ISF (International Seed Federation) 


The Group thus actively participates in discussions on agriculture and more specifically on its seeds profession: protection of the living world, access to genetic resources and use of plant biotechnology, especially in the field of scientific research.


Cereal products

Jacquet Brossard is particularly involved in Alliance 7, a French professional organization for cookies, cakes and bakery products and in the Federation of Bakery Companies. Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) is just as active in the Union of Semolina Corn 


Producers and in the European Snack Food Association. We should also mention Limagrain’s very close partnership ties with competitiveness clusters such as Céréales Vallée.


Limagrain is a partner of Céréales Vallée, the innovation cluster for cereals

Born in 2005 from the historic partnership between Limagrain and INRA, Céréales Vallée is the only competitiveness cluster involved in the cereal chain, from seed to finished products.

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Collaborative projects

Finally, more and more collaborative projects have been implemented within the Group and in its subsidiaries. For example:

  • HM.CLAUSE in France brought together its vegetable grower customers asking them to sample the taste of its melons during a dedicated event.
  • Within the Vegetable Seeds activity, the HM.CLAUSE teams in Australia and Vilmorin in France worked together on lettuce, which allowed them to create value by moving into new markets.