Our seed business


Seeds are the first link in the food chain, they allow production in terms of quantity, which contributes to food security, and quality, which meets the expectations of customers, consumers, and society.

inverted commas We believe that agriculture will first progress through plant improvement. Seeds are a concentrate of solutions. inverted commas

Being a seed producer firstly involves creating new higher-performing varieties from existing genetic diversity. The seeds from these varieties must then be produced, engineered to ensure quality and sold to farmers and growers. Limagrain masters all these activities, both for field and vegetable seeds and has a portfolio of renowned.

botanists and agronomists
inverted comma We are a pure seed company with expertise inherited over several centuries of know-how from the great botanists and agronomists. Our culture is agricultural
and scientificinverted comma


As a seed producer, we want to provide farmers around the world with sustainable solutions through the progress of plants, taking into account the diversity of territories.

Our breeding focuses correspond to a wide range of expectations:

  • Farmers / Growers: better yield, resistance to viruses, diseases, pests; ability to adapt to different climates, soils, etc. 
  • Industrialists / Distributors: shelf life, size, ability to adapt to industrial processes, aptitude for bakery products, etc. 
  • Consumers: taste and flavor, nutritional value, value for money, food safety, appearance, etc.