Our regional commitments


Limagrain has chosen to implement local management around an organisational model that is close to the markets. It is closely involved in the local areas of subsidiaries and sites, which enables it to take local culture and specificities into account. On the basis of its ongoing attention, Limagrain is able to contribute to local development and support local communities in terms of jobs and access to education or equipment, as well as contributing to the vitality of the local region in economic, sporting or cultural fields.

1,5 M€

were dedicated to societal initiatives

 including 695 791 € for philanthropy.

To be involved in our region of origin, the Limagne Val d’Allier plain

Bolstered by its cooperative culture and attachment to its region of origin, namely the Limagne-Val d’Allier plain where all its cooperative partners are based, Limagrain assists with local development and is constantly interacting with its local ecosystem through a number of initiatives that help drive the region. These initiatives are either carried out alone or in partnership with local public, private or associative players, involving a range of fields, including research, jobs, industry, education, the environment, sport and culture.

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In the regions of all our sites

The desire to be close to markets all explain Limagrain’s presence in 57 countries through a network of over 150 sites where permanent staff work. Mainly located in rural areas, these sites firstly have an impact on local employment, in particular for the subcontracting and seasonal work they provide. 

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