VILMORIN-MIKADO strengthens its global position in leafy vegetables

At the end of July, Limagrain completed the acquisition of AdvanSeed through its holding Vilmorin et Cie. The international Danish seed company specializes in the breeding, production and distribution of hybrid spinach and leafy vegetable seeds.

AdvanSeed will join VILMORIN-MIKADO in order to strengthen its position on the global leafy vegetable market, on which spinach is the second largest product after lettuce. VILMORIN-MIKADO thus confirms its ambition to become a key player on this market.

The Advanseed breeding station located in Odense, Denmark will become VILMORIN-MIKADO’s northernmost station, thereby offering new climate conditions for research, and consequently opportunities for the creation of new varieties.

#La Chaîne des Puys (Auvergne’s Volcanoes) and the Limagne Fault included on the Unesco World Heritage list

On July 2nd 2018, the 21 members of the 42nd World Heritage Committee session granted the Chaîne des Puys–Faille de Limagne UNESCO world heritage status. This inscription is the culmination of 11 years’ collective and tenacious work, recognizing this hotspot for plate tectonics which includes the 32 km-long Limagne fault and the alignment of 80 volcanoes, dating back 8,400 to 95,000 years.

It was only natural that Limagrain, anchored in Limagne for more than 50 years, should support this application along with other regional players, by becoming involved in the Foundation for the Chaîne des Puys-Faille de Limagne. Since it was set up in 2012, the Foundation has been funding operations particularly to preserve and enhance the landscapes, support traditional activities and develop research with the dissemination of knowledge.

This inscription on the UNESCO world heritage list is recognition of the commitment of a whole region to enhance, preserve and pass on to future generations this exceptional geological site. And it is also a fantastic opportunity to strengthen its attraction for tourists and businesses, and indeed its image.


Rencontres Agro #Limagrain

For a 3rd consecutive year, Limagrain is organizing Rencontres Agro, a platformfor experimenting with new farming techniques. This day presents the Cooperative with an opportunity to encourage discission among farmers, board members, and technical teams.

In particular this event provides a way to enhance the close relationship that exists between the Limagrain Cooperative and its farmer members by offering various workshops and promoting dialog and knowledge sharing. This approach is in line with the support offered to Limagrain farmers with the goal of optimizing their farms.

For this 3 rd year, Rencontres Agro focused on the topic of climate change in Auvergne.


Unicorn Grain Specialties joins Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients to form an European leader in cereal ingredients

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) is taking a major step towards internationalization by announcing today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% shares of Unicorn Grain Specialties from Nordian Capital . The operation will be effective in few weeks.

To find out more informations, read the press release.

Vilmorin Jardin, a partner for all gardens and home gardeners

Recognized for its know-how and close relationship with consumers, Vilmorin Jardin is the preferred partner for all home gardeners, from beginners to expert.

The Vilmorin brand has adapted to the changes in home gardening practices, where there is less time, less available space, and less familiarity with gardening, by offering innovative products for both inside and outside the home.

Vilmorin is broadening its product selection with young plants, an expansion of the organic line-up, and easy-to-grow seed capsules: 1,2,3 plant!
There are also products dedicated to small spaces: for inside with 3 hydroponic gardens (Viviana, Vilma, and Vittoria), and for balconies and patios with Kitchen Gardening planter kits by Vilmorin.

On April 23, 2018, Vilmorin Jardin signed an acquisition agreement with Graines Gondian, No. 3 in France on the consumer seeds market.


Jacquet, a brand committed to its region

Jacquet highlights its origins in order to express its know-how.

The brand has unveiled its new advertising campaign where it showcases the fact it belongs to the Limagrain Cooperative with the values of the cereal chain: from Auvergne wheat to Jacquet bread.

Attentive to consumer needs, in this campaign Jacquet emphasizes its commitments such as local, responsible production, healthier products (no palm oil, no added sugar, no additives), respect for farmers, and total traceability.

And now on the shelves in France you can see the brand’s products gradually being adorned in their new packaging.

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#Vilmorin-Mikado: Friseline, a big winner at the Tavola trade fair

In February 2018, Friseline, a trademark of Vilmorin-Mikad, won the 1st place prize at the Tavola trade fair in Belgium. This trade fair is dedicated to fine food and fresh produce professionals and offers prizes for the best innovations in the sector.

In 2017, this little lettuce with a big personality had already received a SIVAL Innovation bronze medal award in the “Breeding Innovation” category.
Friseline is 100% made in France. It was bred by Vilmorin-Mikado, a Limagrain subsidiary, and is the result of 20 years of natural cross-breeding between different chicory varieties.

This variety was bred to please consumers’ changing palates by offering a mild-tasting lettuce that is crunchy and easy to cook.

More information on the Friseline website and on Facebook.

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Jacquet, a brand committed to its region

Jacquet highlights its origins in order to express its know-how.

The brand has unveiled its new advertising campaign where it showcases the fact it belongs to the Limagrain Cooperative with the values of the cereal chain: from Auvergne wheat to Jacquet bread.

Attentive to consumer needs, in this campaign Jacquet emphasizes its commitments such as local, responsible production, healthier products (no palm oil, no added sugar, no additives), respect for farmers, and total traceability.

And now on the shelves in France you can see the brand’s products gradually being adorned in their new packaging.

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#Vilmorin-Mikado: Friseline, a big winner at the Tavola trade fair

In February 2018, Friseline, a trademark of Vilmorin-Mikad, won the 1st place prize at the Tavola trade fair in Belgium. This trade fair is dedicated to fine food and fresh produce professionals and offers prizes for the best innovations in the sector.

In 2017, this little lettuce with a big personality had already received a SIVAL Innovation bronze medal award in the “Breeding Innovation” category.
Friseline is 100% made in France. It was bred by Vilmorin-Mikado, a Limagrain subsidiary, and is the result of 20 years of natural cross-breeding between different chicory varieties.

This variety was bred to please consumers’ changing palates by offering a mild-tasting lettuce that is crunchy and easy to cook.

More information on the Friseline website and on Facebook.

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Limagrain receives the first price for mediation

On January 26 of this year, Limagrain received the 1st Prize for mediation, awarded by the Association for Mediation Prizes of Clermont Auvergne (APMCA). This prize is recognition of Limagrain’s commitment to mediation - a commitment that was initiated in 2012 when the Group signed the CMAP* Charter, committing Limagrain to stating the possibility of mediation in its contracts, promoting mediation internally and training mediators in its teams.

At the end of 2012, Limagrain decided to compile these principles in a Code of Conduct which promotes the principles of respect, loyalty, and the establishment of long-term relations with regard to partners, suppliers and customers. The Group also supports the Responsible Suppliers Charter

* Center for Mediation and Arbitration


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Limagrain-Bejo Agreement

Limagrain and Bejo, specialists in vegetable seeds, have signed an agreement giving the two vegetable breeding companies the right to use plant material that falls under the scope of their patents for breeding new varieties. This agreement allows both companies to strengthen their capacities to develop new varieties by making use of each other’s innovations.

More information 

Product innovation

ADORA, the new HM.CLAUSE tomato for gourmets

In October 2017, HM.CLAUSE launched a new variety of tomato under the brand name ADORA.

This tomato benefits from breeding by HM.CLAUSE on Marmande tomatoes for more than 50 years, and has the capacity to meet the expectations of growers from the Mediterranean basin. This fruit combines the qualities of traditional tomatoes with a generous size, a sweeter taste and an unprecedented black color. ADORA is a concentrate of vitality, rich in antioxidants, a source of vitamins and minerals, and has excellent shelf life. Consumers in Northern Europe can already find ADORA on their fruit and vegetable shelves.

ADORA has been nominated for the innovation award at the Fruit Logistica trade show that will take place from February 7 to 9, in Berlin. This award is made for exceptional innovations in the fresh products segment. 

To find out more about ADORA, go to the website


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Damien Bourgarel appointed Limagrain's CEO

Limagrain's Board of Directors appointed Damien Bourgarel to the position of CEO on
December 14, 2017. He will replace Emmanuel Rougier who will be retiring at the end of 2017.

To learn more, please see the press release.

Product innovation

Jacquet Brossard : what's new for Christmas !

As the end of 2017 approaches, Jacquet Brossard is innovating with a new line-up of canapes adapted to all tastes.

• Mini-crispy canapes you can dip directly in a sauce, or eat flavored either with Guérande salt or with garlic and chive.

• Large round rye canapes, either with poppy seed or brioche.

• Round canapes with four different seeds.

• For children, Jacquet is also proposing a new burger bun in the Classic’ line-up: the Classic’ brioche burger !



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In July 2016, Vilmorin and Mikado Kyowa Seed merged to become a unique Business Unit, Vilmorin-MKS.

A year after, to reinforce our identity and to make it much more visible, the French-Japanese Business Unit (BU) changes its name to become VILMORIN-MIKADO. A name embodying the roots and carrying the values of the company.

"One year after our merger, the new Business Unit has inherited the original traits of each entity," explains Rodolphe Millet, CEO of VILMORIN-MIKADO. "Therefore, just like in a family, our name must reflect both our common values and our respective features. Our French and Japanese roots make us stronger and constitute our identity. This is why we chose this new name for our company."

To learn more, please see the press release.

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Grand Jardin in the city !

This summer, for its 6th year, "Grand Jardin", the demonstration space for the best CLAUSE varieties for home gardeners, was set up in the heart of Paris on the roof terrace of the MERCURE Hotel in Montmartre. 

The goal: to present new varieties specifically adapted to small spaces in the city to meet the expectations of an increasingly urban French population.

Feedback on this event on video

To learn more, please see the press release


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Hydraneo®, a #Limagrain Europe innovation to manage drought stress

Hydraneo®, a Limagrain Europe innovation to manage drought stress
Drought stress is a major problem for farmers. It affects more than 70% of European grain corn acreage and results in up to 80% of yield loss. 

This is why Limagrain Europe, with its LG brand, developed Hydraneo®, a new drought stress management concept. It is a holistic approach that, in addition to genetics, takes into account the main risk factors through a prior assessment of the farm. Depending on results, the most suitable varieties are recommended and agronomic advice are suggested in order to limit risk.
This multi-faceted approach thus allows for best protecting yields in difficult conditions.

Limagrain Research teams have assessed the stress tolerance of varieties thanks to a specific method, which was the subject of an international patent application in June 2015. The varieties are declared Hydraneo® after several years of positive results.

Already available in Ukraine and Russia, two countries very vulnerable to the risk of drought, the roll-out of Hydraneo® will continue during the next campaign in Europe. 
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#Vilmorin-MKS, a major global player for Kabocha Squash

Kabocha Squash is one of the favourite vegetables in Japan. It is consumed all year round, but production is very difficult during winter. So Vilmorin-MKS built a whole chain in order to get supply from overseas. This organization involves distributors, growers and fruit exporters in Mexico & New Zealand on the one side, and Japanese importers on the other side.

This approach of the market allows Vilmorin-MKS to be now a major global player for Kabocha. Thanks to the best-tasting varieties bred, Vilmorin-MKS became the 2nd biggest player on this market in Japan, and developed it in Korea where it now have 80% market share.

The next challenge is to make Kabocha a worldwide vegetable. It is already popular in New Zealand and in the U.S. The objective is that European customers will soon discover this vegetable!


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#LifeAtLimagrain : 
What if you share your daily life at Limagrain?

We are launching the #LifeAtLimagrain! Pictures, stories, a glance at your day ... Do not hesitate to let us discover the backstage of the company!

Product innovation

#Vilmorin Jardin: New gourmet and decorative varieties

With the arrival of spring, Vilmorin Jardin is presenting its new 2017 varieties.

Four new gourmet varieties including some snacking specials
-       Mini Love, a watermelon the size of a melon, with red, sweet flesh and very few seeds.
-       Balconi, a mini bell pepper with a smooth, sweet flavor that can be grown in the garden, on a balcony or in a vegetable patch. They are ideal as an aperitif, or can complement planchas, kebabs or other summer dishes.
-       Goldnugget, a Nantes carrot with a smooth, sweet flavor and juicy flesh.
-       Buffalo Steak, a meaty tomato with juicy flesh, exceptional due to the size of its fruit. 

A new line-up of decorative flowers
-       Passion flower. A climbing liana with dark green foliage and blue and white flowers, followed by bright orange berries, which can be eaten when they are very ripe.
-       Goji. Originally from the Himalayas, this bush produces purple trumpet-shaped flowers, followed by red berries that resemble small, long cherry tomatoes, and which can be eaten and have antioxidant properties.
-       Butterfly lavender. An easy, flowering perennial plant that adapts to all soil types.
-       Ornamental rice. This ornamental grass with green-purple leaves flowers throughout the summer and provides a visual and exotic touch.
-       Bird of paradise. Originally from South Africa, this exotic plant owes its name to its flowers in the shape of a bird's head with blue, purple and orange colors.
-       China tea bush. A decorative bush with persistent foliage and colorful flowers all year long.

For more information, visit
as well as the Facebook page


Product innovation

#Vilmorin Jardin: Innovations for spring 2017

With the arrival of spring, Vilmorin Jardin is presenting its new products for 2017, the goal of which is to support all home gardeners in their gardening experience by offering adapted solutions, whether they are experts or newcomers, patient or in a hurry, gourmets or adventurers, on their own or in a group

A new line-up of easy to plant seeds
Basil, tomato, bell pepper, hot pepper... To help home gardeners succeed with their sowing, Vilmorin came up with "1, 2, 3, Plant," small biodegradable paper pulp capsules containing the required number of seeds, which are planted in compost or in the ground. The capsules absorb moisture from the soil and during watering, they supply the necessary amount of water for the seeds to germinate. 

Biodegradable seed mats
Vilmorin Jardin has developed two anti-weed seed mats using a mulching film, for lettuce and mesclun. The mats ensure easy sowing and block the development of weeds, limiting the amount of weeding. They also preserve the soil's moisture and thus reduce watering. 100% biodegradable, seed mats disappear into the soil in 4 to 10 months.


For more information, visit  as well as the Facebook page 

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Bivouac: 5 startups selected following the AGRITECH call for projects 

Avec Plaisir, GBA/3Bois, Piloter sa Ferme, Wezzoo, Yesitis, … 
These are the names of the five startups, from among the eight invited, selected by a jury of professionals from the agricultural, agri-food and digital world, following a two-day seminar in Auvergne.

 They will join, from now till summer 2017, the Boost Agritech of Le Bivouac promotion, a startup accelerator based in Clermont-Ferrand, and will benefit from the accommodation and support of the Bivouac team and its partners, of which Limagrain is a part.
For more on Boost Agritech

Product innovation

#Jacquet Brossard is expanding its Mini Brownie and No Sugar Added line-ups  

In 2017, Jacquet Brossard is focusing on teenagers and young adults with a new flavor in the Mini Brownie line-up: the Mini Brownie Milk Chocolate.

Two new products have also been added to supplement the line-up of No Sugar Added sandwich loaves: the Crust-free No Sugar Added and the Thin Slices No Sugar Added!
Find them now in stores!

Product innovation

#Jacquet Brossard is innovating in bread and pastries 

As it does every year at this time, Jacquet Brossard is launching new products.

In pastries, discover the new P'tit Savane line-up. Jacquet Brossard is appealing to children between the ages of 3 to 5 with these cakes, in the shape of funny animals, filled with Chocolate, Strawberry or All Chocolate. And to connect sweetness and fun, a finger puppet is included in every package!

In bread, Jacquet is launching Le Pavé, a new bread in the shape of a cobblestone, available in two recipes: in multigrain (linseed, sunflower, poppy and millet) and wholemeal flour. It can be eaten for breakfast, as well as in a sandwich or to accompany a meal.

Find them now in stores!


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#Limagrain publishes its Social Responsibility Report 2015-2016 

As Limagrain has just published its 2015-2016 Social Responsibility Report , renewing, for the third consecutive year, its commitment to respect the principles of the Global Compact.
This year, the report is enhanced with concrete examples of the Group’s contribution to the Global Compact and to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Limagrain’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy was formalized at Group level in 2012. Our strategy has been developed in a coherent way with our Business Units and adapted according to geographical, cultural and market particularities.
Today, it is deployed with three focuses:
    - propose innovation and responsible agri-food solutions,
    - conduct our activities in an ethical, sustainable and effective manner,
    - construct new methods for relationships and value creation.
More information about Limagrain Social Responsibility

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#Vilmorin-MKS wins Company of the Year in Japan

Vilmoring-MKS won the Company of the Year award for its exceptional results in all aspects of its organization for 2015-2016, during the 6th French Business Awards, organized by the France Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on January 31, 2017 in Tokyo (Japan). 

This award, the result of a fruitful collaboration between the French and Japanese teams within the Vilmorin-MKS Business Unit, illustrates the success of its operation in Japan.


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Boost Agritech, a call for projects on connected agriculture 

As one of the partners of Le #Bivouac, a start-up accelerator for digital solutions based in Clermont-Ferrand, Limagrain participated in the construction of the call for projects dedicated to connected agriculture: #Boost Agritech
Launched on February 6, 2017, it has the ambition of allowing innovation at all levels of the agriculture chain, "from field to table," to develop from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

For Limagrain, its interest is twofold, with local engagement at the heart of its birthplace with 1,500 employees and 2,000 farmer members, as well as the possibility of working with innovative companies across the spectrum of the Group's activities.

After the close of application submissions on March 17, the shortlist will be announced on March 21. During a two-day seminar on March 29 and 30, candidates will develop their projects with coaches from Le Bivouac partners. After a final pitch, five to ten starts-up will be selected for induction to Le Bivouac for 18 months beginning in mid-May.


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#Jacquet Brossard's Big Brownie

To celebrate 20 years of the Brossard Brownie, the Jacquet Brossard factory in Pithiviers accepted the challenge of creating a Big Brownie. The involvement and enthusiasm of the 12 employees from the Production, R&D, Continuous Improvement and Marketing  teams made it possible to overcome any difficulties and resulted, after a few months of testing, in the creation of a Brownie measuring 1.80x1.3 meters and weighing 35 kg.

This Big Brownie was shared with consumers on November 18, 2016 during the Big Brownie Party. For this marketing event, Jacquet Brossard invited consumers to come and celebrate 20 years of the Brossard Brownie at La Maroquinerie, a concert hall in Paris, a time that also included two concerts. 
After the success of this project, the Pithiviers factory made another Big Brownie to celebrate the anniversary of the Brossard Brownie, this time with employees from the site along with their families, during an internal event that took place on December 3, 2016.

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SIVAL 2017: #HM.CLAUSE reaffirms its position

During SIVAL, a plant production trade show, which took place in Angers (France) from January 17 to 19, 2017, HM.CLAUSE presented its new varieties and reaffirmed its position on the vegetable seeds French market. 

Many visitors have been attracted on the stand thanks to activities set up by the teams, like the melons’ bar or the seeds competition. 

It was also the opportunity to present made-to-order digital tools for each player in the integrated vegetable chain: a digital brochure on melons for specialized growers and the new Clause grower digital catalog for generalist growers and short channels. 

Back to the images on the presence of HM.CLAUSE at SIVAL !

More information on the website HM.CLAUSE. 

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#Hazera wins the "Industry Flag of Beauty"

Hazera won the price "Industry Flag of Beauty", awarded by the Council for a Beautiful Israel’s surpassing 30 leading industrial plants in the service sector in the Israeli market.

A price conferred for the achievements in a range of fields: plant’s internal and external environment, surroundings and work conditions, safety measures and record, environmental responsibility and sustainability, as well as contribution, commitment and involvement in the communities.

A great achievement that validates all the efforts of Hazera in developing the welfare of their employees, environment and planet

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#Vilmorin-MKS: FRISELINE wins a SIVAL Innovation medal

During SIVAL, a plant production trade show, which took place in Angers (France) from January, 17 to 19, 2017, Vilmorin-MKS was the winner of the SIVAL Innovation Bronze medal in the “Varietal Innovation” category for the salad FRISELINE. 
The result of 20 years of breeding, this varietal innovation is combined with a marketing support around the brand FRISELINE. Sown and harvested this year by seven growers in Northern France, it is available in the salad sections of supermarkets in France (Système U, Intermarché, Carrefour). It is also sold in bulk at wholesalers that supply restaurants and specialty stores.

More information on the website Friseline and on Facebook.


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#Limagrain, sponsor of the Plant and Animal Genome Conference

Limagrain supports the PAG, Plant and Animal Genome Conference, which will take place in the United States from January 14 to 18, 2017.

This major scientific event on plant and animal genome development projects will bring together over 3,000 leading genetic scientists and researchers in plant and animal research.

It will give occasion to the ten researchers from Limagrain in attendance to share their work and to exchange with various partners.

More on the PAG website.

News from our companies

#Limagrain Ukraine, winner of “Choice of the Year” 2016

At the beginning of December, Limagrain Ukraine became a Winner of “Choice of the Year” 2016 in the category Field Seeds with its Sunflower LG.

The price is the evidence of a strong LG brand in one of the biggest sunflower market in Europe and of farmers’ trust in quality of Limagrain seeds.

“Choice of the Year” Ukraine is a national annual project-competition in Ukraine, with an objective of determining the most popular products and services on Ukrainian market.

Product innovation

New products by #Jacquet #Brossard for end-of-year celebrations

As the end-of-year celebrations approach, discover Jacquet Brossard's new products that extend the festive bread line-up.
- Mini sesame bagels, a new original addition to appetizers. Toast, slice and garnish them according to your taste!

- Poppy seed canapes, in 2 sizes: large canapes for festive entrees and round canapes for appetizers.

- Mini apricot and hazelnut ginger bread, for gourmet mini canapes with apricot to lessen the spice and hazelnuts for added crunch.
Like all Jacquet and Brossard branded products, these new products are palm-oil-free and additive-free.

Product innovation

#Vilmorin-MKS is innovating to produce lettuce varieties that appeal to consumers

Urban farming and hydroponic agriculture are two of Vilmorin-MKS global strategy levers. Thus, Vilmorin is one of the main shareholders of the Ferme Urbaine Lyonnaise, which inaugurated its pilot greenhouse on the 21st of October 2016. This French project completes the partnership of Mikado Kyowa Seed with the University of Chiba in Japan.
Beyond its financial involvement, Vilmorin-MKS collaborates with FUL at different levels: supplying the pilot greenhouse with salad seeds to run trials, and strong involvement of Vilmorin teams who provide FUL with technical and marketing advice, agronomic training and support in the set-up of the pilot.

For Vilmorin-MKS, the aim of these projects is to consolidate its strong position as a global player in vegetable seeds.

News from our companies

#Vilmorin-MKS : a new joint-venture for research on hot peppers in Tunisia 

Vilmorin-MKS and SEPCM, its partner and distributor in Tunisia, have decided to strengthen their partnership for research on hot peppers through a joint venture: Carthage Génétique. 

Thus, Vilmorin-MKS is continuing the development of its global research network; and the hot pepper becomes, along with the carrot, tomato and lettuce, the 4th global pillar species for the BU.

Product innovation

#Vilmorin presents the innovation Friseline, an overall approach from the seed to the consumer

Stylish, delicious, practical and refined, Friseline is a new product that will arrive on salad shelves at the end of November!

It has several benefits guaranteed to draw customers. 100% French, it is the result of 20 years of breeding of various endives.

This Vilmorin innovation is part of a novel approach with witloof chicory grower customers: a new variety with marketing support through to the end consumer.
For more information, please visit the Friseline website or Facebook page.

Product innovation

Hybrid Rice: a new strategic crop for #Limagrain Asia

On July 5, 6 and 7, more than 1000 Burmese farmers took part in the first Hybrid Rice Field Day organized by Seed Asia Myanmar.

The yield and quality of the new Hybrid LG 93.01, developed by the Research Team of Bisco, won over the participants. The Burmese are very sensitive not only to the yield but also to the cooking quality of rice. Limagrain, thanks to this first aromatic hybrid, aims to meet market requirements in South East Asia. The first commercial sowing operations are scheduled for this fall in the Irrawaddy delta, south of Yangon.

News from our companies

#Michelin and #Limagrain take a capital stake in Exotic Systems, specialist in the Internet of things

During the Livestock Breeding Summit, MICHELIN and LIMAGRAIN announced the signing of an investment agreement in the capital stock of EXOTIC SYSTEMS, at 20% for each of the two groups.

For more information, you can consult the press release.

News from our companies

The harvesting of corn seeds on Limagrain member farms

The harvesting of corn seeds on Limagrain member farms in Auvergne began two weeks ago.
Did you know that it takes a year to produce a corn seed, from the time it is sown to when it is shipped, and that everything started on the plots of farmer members almost seven months ago?

Discover our activities in Auvergne


News from our companies

Eating gluten-free

Gluten is a protein that is present in straw cereals such as wheat, rye and barley. On the other hand, there is none naturally present in corn or rice.For coeliac sufferers, the presence of gluten in food leads to the destruction of intestinal cells, preventing the absorption of other essential nutrients. The only remedy for coeliac sufferers is to exclude gluten totally.
Unlike coeliac sufferers who are obliged to eat gluten-free, there are new consumers choosing to adopt a gluten-free diet in their lifestyle. They are seeking pleasure and good health through products that are more natural, tastier and allergen-free.

Using corn, rice or pulses (chick peas…), Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has developed a range of "gluten-free" solutions, easy to identify though the blue gluten-free icon

Product innovation

New #Jacquet's baguettines recipes

Two new baguettines recipes have made an appearance: Baguettines Viennoises in Original and Brioche.

Pre-cut to be more practical, they have a golden crust and an extra-soft texture. 

Like all Jacquet and Brossard branded products, these new products are palm-oil-free and additive-free.

Product innovation

#Vilmorin is gardening with children!

Vilmorin has for a long time been greatly interested in supporting all home gardeners, both young and old! In line with this image, the Vilmorin brand is a partner in a new garden initiation kit made by Nathan: MON COFFRET MONTESSORI DU JARDIN (MY MONTESSORI GARDEN KIT).

As part of the development of its line-up of Montessori books and kits, Nathan is launching an activity kit related to the garden. This kit will allow children to observe the garden, identify its inhabitants and take their first steps in gardening, according to the Montessori educational approach (based on sensory education and practice).

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#Vilmorin-MKS, a new stage in the development of the Vegetable Seeds activity

Since July 1st 2016, the organization of the Vegetable Seeds activity was modified with the creation of the new Business Unit (BU) Vilmorin-MKS, following the merger of Vilmorin and Mikado Kyowa Seed (MKS). The Vegetable Seeds activity will henceforth operate with three world BUs (HM.Clause, Hazera, Vilmorin-MKS).

This decision is the result of strategic initiatives taken by Limagrain Vegetable Seeds to accelerate its development in Asia. 

News from our companies

#MikadoKyowaSeed and the University of Chiba, partners for agriculture of the future

Mikado Kyowa Seed has just signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Chiba. In exchange for financing for the University, MKS will be able to use the University's vertical farm to breed innovative lettuce varieties, allowing to accelerate its breeding process thanks to shorter growing cycles. 

News from our companies

Mikado Kyowa Seed development

Interview of Takako Sakai, Deputy CEO for #MikadoKyowaSeed 


Product innovation

Savane has unveiled Savane Jungle

Keeping up with the latest tastes, surprising people and anticipating what they want... Jacquet Brossard has plenty of delicious ideas and regularly innovates to entice both young and old.

Savane has unveiled Savane Jungle, cakes with a drop of jam for eyes in four flavors (strawberry, tropical, apricot and apple).

Like all Jacquet and Brossard branded products, these new products are palm-oil-free and additive-free.


Product innovation

#Vilmorin launches distribution of its new Babyleaf line in Europe 

 With the introduction of its very first platform dedicated to the "Baby Leaf" range on 25 and 26 May 2016 in the headquarters of the company in France VILMORIN is launching the distribution of their new line in Europe.

Signaling a strong desire to further develop their position in the lettuce market, Vilmorin operates to ensure coverage of all lettuce varieties and types on a global scale. This is evidenced by the significant investments in terms of human resources as reflected in the Research and Marketing teams, as well as the acquisition in late 2013 of the Shamrock Seed Company Inc. This company, which has since become VILMORIN NORTH AMERICA, is a wellknown specialist in the category of “leafy” produce: various varieties of lettuce, baby leaves and other species. It is based in Salinas, the city known as the “Salad Bowl” of California and the "lettuce capital”.

This broad new VILMORIN line appropriately responds to the market’s high expectations of innovations with respect to fresh produce and to the fresh cut line, in particular. The platform presents the entire range of "Baby Leaf" products: baby leaves of salad and other species.



News from our companies

The Tropical Corn

Interview of Emmanuel Aubry, International Coordinator for Tropical Corn Research for #Limagrain Field Seeds

#Limagrain #Limagrainactivity

Product innovation

New #Jacquet Maxi Jac' recipes

Nutrition and well-being are key market trends. Jacquet Brossard is thus offering two new sandwich loaf recipes : 

  • Maxi Jac’ Without Added Sugar in Original or Whole Wheat, which contains less than 4 units of sugar per package (traditional sandwich loaf contains ½ a unit of sugar per slice).
  • Maxi Jac’ 11 Cereals & Grains, an evolution of "Maxi Jac’ 7 Cereals," now contains 7 cereals and 4 grains, carefully selected by our farmers.

Like all Jacquet and Brossard branded products, these new products are palm-oil-free and additive-free.

#Limagrain #Limagrainactivity

News from our companies

#LCI's cob boiler

Interview of Damien Mercier, LCI Maintenance project Manager

#Limagrain #Limagrainactivity

Product innovation

The new #Brossard Mini Brownies

The Brownie family has grown with two new items: Mini Brownie Caramel Center and Mini Brownie Vanilla Center. Brownie's chocolate DNA has been preserved, but the product is longer and is enriched with soft chocolate chips and a smooth center in vanilla or caramel...

#Limagrain #Limagrainactivity


News from our companies

#SeedAsia corn seeds

Interview of Philippe Bertaux


#Limagrain #Limagrainactivity

News from our companies

Excellent awards for #SaintVerny

At the beginning of 2016, the wines from Saint Verny Vignobles won a number of awards at county and national level. A few wines received multiple awards: The Lost Vineyard 809 and Renaissance in white, Les Volcans in red and Enjoy in rosé.

For more information on Saint Verny Wineries and its products, visit

Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Please drink in moderation.

News from our companies

Carrots #Vilmorin customers are delighted

"quality" - "professional approach" - "the number one" - "forefront of research" - "ahead technologically" - "best yields" - ...


News from our companies

#LCI and the Clean Label

The Clean Label is a trend that responds to a strong demand for authenticity and natural produce of consumers surrounding their food. A topic sometimes complex for the food industrial firms. For more than 30 years, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has been offering many Clean Label solutions... Thanks to his expertise, LCI publishes an e-book on this topic. 

Discover the e-book : "Everything you always wanted to know about Clean Label"

Product innovation

Discover the latest product from Saint Verny Wineries: 7e Ciel!

Harvested from volcanic soil, this 100% Gamay PGI Puy-de-Dôme rosé has a lovely, fine, and delicate nose and offers a clear, yellow color. It has a fresh finish with mineral tones, delicious and sharp! A pleasurable wine to enjoy cool but not iced! 

For more information on Saint Verny Wineries and its products, visit

Alcohol abuse is harmful to your health. Please drink in moderation.


Product innovation

#VilmorinJardin mats and strips

Vilmorin Jardin is innovating and is rolling out the red carpet for vegetable seeds. This new line-up from the Vilmorin brand, is composed of 12 strips and 2 mats made of biodegradable material. These new products offer several benefits: ease of use, guaranteed proper spacing, the end of tedious thinning. 

The varieties offered result from Limagrain research and guarantee quality and success for the home gardener!

News from our companies

Support of the French Minister for Agriculture for the Regional Innovation Laboratory Auvergne

The French Minister for Agriculture announced his support for a project for the creation of a Regional Innovation Laboratory for field crops in Limagne (France – Auvergne).

It is to implement new production systems for and with farmers, in partnership with numerous local players. The target is to make the Limagne Val d'Allier region an area of agricultural excellence at the heart of the new Auvergne Rhône Alpes region.

Download the press release

News from our companies

Wheat seeds collaboration in the United States

Limagrain has just signed a collaboration agreement with the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CRWF) and the company Albaugh, specialized in post-patent plant protection products. The target is to provide innovative and novel solutions for wheat producers through the development and distribution of wheat varieties with a non-GMO trait conferring tolerance to a new herbicide.

Limagrain is so pursuing the implementation of its development plan, with the ultimate ambition of becoming the world reference for wheat.

Download the press release

Product innovation

Tinty, the new red pointed cabbage of #Hazera

Hazera launched, at the end of 2015, Tinty, a new cabbage variety, that combines the colour of a red cabbage with the shape and taste of a green pointed cabbage.

Tinty is proposed in various sizes, and has a good shelf life.
Thanks to its thin and soft leaves, as well as mild and sweet flavour, it can be prepared in many different ways.


Product innovation

The white chocolate Brownie #Brossard

Brossard Brownie dons its white coat!

White chocolate and generous slivers of white chocolate: discover the new brownie, palm oil free and without preservatives.
Since September 2015, you can find this new recipe in a family size to share.

Product innovation

Sandwichology, the art of elevating breads by #Jacquet

Jacquet has created "sandwichology" or the art of elevating the entire Jacquet line-up for making sandwiches.

On Jacquet's website, a space dedicated to "sandwichology" provides ideas for recipes to accompany Jacquet breads in order to enjoy the diversity of their tastes and textures. Jacquet is thus promoting the entire line-up of Jacquet breads with sophisticated but easy-to-make recipes.

On its website, Jacquet will soon post culinary videos for a variety of recipes based on the regions of France, together with chef Cyril Rouquet.


News from our companies

#Vilmorin & Cie acquires Genica Research Corporation  

Limagrain has just acquired, via Vilmorin & Cie, the company Genica Research Corporation (USA).

Specialized in the research, selection, production and distribution of hybrid vegetable seeds, the company has operating units and breeding stations in the United States, Spain and Italy.

The US operations will join the BU HM.CLAUSE and European operations BU Vilmorin.

Product innovation

#LG LAB: forage quality evaluation system for farmers

Limagrain Europe, European leader in forage maize, is developing its network of mobile forage analysers: LG LAB. Initially launched in France, this portable NIRS* is now available in all dairy countries: Belgium, Poland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.

With LG LAB, the nutritional value of the forage can be analysed directly on farm in just a few seconds (maize or grasses). Different criteria are analysed: dry matter, energy, starch content, protein content, NDF, digestibility (DINAG - digestibility of non-starch and insoluble carbohydrates -, OMD, NDFD…). This innovation allows farmers to confirm their choice of varieties, to optimize their harvest date in order to ensure that silos are correctly implemented and to secure the quality of their fodder.

 *NIRS : Near Infrared Spectrometers System ou Spectromètre Proche Infra-Rouge


News from our companies

#HM.CLAUSE: a line-up for every player in the French

During SIVAL 2016, HM.CLAUSE presented its positioning within the French vegetable seed market.

For specialized vegetable growers, HM.CLAUSE proposes a very large and high-quality range of varieties. Its expertise in melon, corn salad, cauliflower, and summer squash, among others, is recognized by market players.

For general vegetable growers and short marketing channels, HM.CLAUSE proposes a large line-up of original and high-performance products.

For futher information click here.

News from our companies

Partnership between the Cave Saint Verny winery and  
Desprat Vins

The Cave Saint Verny winery signed a sales and marketing partnership with the company Desprat Vins in late December, 2015. The objective is to strengthen the image and positioning of wines produced in central France and the Auvergne region nationally by combining the knowledge and skills of both companies.

The Cave Saint Verny winery comprises a wine cellar and a boutique located in Veyre-Monton (63). The company promotes the production of 65 vine-grower-members of the Limagrain Cooperative.

Desprat Vins operates two boutiques and a distillery. Founded in 1885, it is a family-owned company based in the nearby county of Cantal, and is well known throughout the Massif Central and Paris regions.

News from our companies

#Limagrain annual general meeting of december 14, 2015 : main decisions

Yesterday, Limagrain held its Combined Annual General Meeting. On this occasion, Jean-Christophe Juilliard was appointed CEO, on a proposal from the Limagrain Board of Directors, following the coming departure of Daniel Chéron, who is retiring. Two new board members were also appointed.
The Combined Annual General Meeting validated the accounts for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2015.

Download the press release

Product innovation

Festive bread from #Jacquet

As the end of year celebrations approach, try out two new products from Jacquet, which are part of the festive bread range.

Slices of bread without crust and palm oil free with two different flavors: Large Canapé with poppy seed flavor and Large Canapé for foie gras with gingerbread flavor.

News from our companies

#MikadoKyowaSeed Open Days in Japan

The Japan Open Days took place on November 11th and 12th, 2015 at the Mikado Kyowa Seed (MKS) Research Station in Sodegaura (Japan).

More than 500 people from the 4 main islands of Japan discovered more than 100 varieties of 15 different species, with a specific highlight on Tomatoes, Broccoli, and Daikon Radish. Visitors could also find novelties such as Bunching Onion, Peas, Cabbage, Squash and Carrot.

The research, marketing and sales teams have also prepared different recipes with vegetables varieties of Mikado Kyowa. A good occasion to communicate on the taste of the MKS range of products. 

Product innovation

New #Brossard products

Savane has broadened its range with two new products.
Since the beginning of May 2015, Savane Caramel has been a tasty addition to the “for sharing” range with a delicious recipe which is palm oil free and without any preservatives. 

At the same time, the two popular flavors, Chocolate and Chocolate Chip, are now being presented in the same packet for even more treats: they are known as “duos”, with 7 Chocolate Pockets + 7 Chocolate Chip Pockets.

The new Salted Caramel Butter flavored Brownie, available since March 2015, has been voted the consumers’ preferred recipe.

News from our companies

#LimagrainCoop prioritizes the safety of its employees

On June 3, 2015, Limagrain Coop organized a day for training and raising awareness in the Grande Halle d’Auvergne. 300 employees were invited to participate in workshops on PPE (personal protection equipment), movements and postures, the taking of euphoriant products, fighting fires and even driving in a simulator.

This very interactive, educational and enjoyable day will be repeated every two years so that all employees may benefit from it. This initiative is part of a larger approach to raise manager and employee awareness concerning safety rules that have led to a 20% decrease in workplace accidents in 2015, a goal renewed for 2016.

News from our companies

A new seed factory in Turkey

At the beginning of October, Limagrain Europe inaugurated its new seed factory in Karacabey in Turkey. This investment will contribute to support the further expansion of Sunflower and Corn business of the BU in Central and Eastern Europe.

Equipped with latest technologies, the factory can prepare 6,000 tons of sunflower and 4,000 tons of corn per year. First seed units will leave the factory in November 2015.
News from our companies

Limagrain create un joint-venture in China

In September 2015, Limagrain received all the necessary authorizations in order to create Hengji Limagrain Seeds Co Ltd. This joint venture (JV) with the Chinese company Gansu Hengji Seeds will allow the production and distribution of corn seeds on Chinese market. Limagrain, through Vilmorin & Cie, holds 45% of the capital of this JV.

News from our companies

HDI corn hybrids celebrate their 10-year anniversary

Since 2005, LG has been providing its breeder customers with HDI® (Highly Digestible) hybrid forage corn varieties. Bred by Limagrain, these varieties offer very high digestibility and interesting yields.

Comprising 13 varieties, to date this range represents more than 1,500,000 units of forage corn sown.

News from our companies

Vilmorin & Cie and KWS conclude additional corn traits licensing agreements with Syngenta, complementing and strengthening their technology platforms

For more information, you can consult the press release.

News from our companies

Inauguration of a new seed factory in Brazil

Limagrain South America (LSA) has just inaugurated its new seed factory in Brazil. Jean Yves Foucault, Chairman, members of the Board and members of the Group Executive Committee of the Group were on site.

With a production capacity of 1 million corn seed bags, LSA hopes to reach 6-7% of corn seed market share by 2018.

News from our companies

Vilmorin & Cie :
annual results 2014-2015 

Vilmorin & Cie annual results 2014-2015 are available. To consult them, please visit Vilmorin & Cie website.

News from our companies

The earth University

For the first time , Limagrain is partner of the earth University, the next 4 and 5 December at UNESCO in Paris.

Place for exchanges and meetings between the general public, students and institutions, the earth University will allow Limagrain to speak about major agriculture issues and its development model. 

More information on the earth University website

News from our companies

50th Anniversary of research Center in Saint-Rémy

HM.CLAUSE has just celebrated the 50th anniversary of its research Center in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence with the attendance of its key executives, employees and local elected officials. At the agenda: grand opening of the Mas Saint Pierre, a symbol of the preservation of HM.CLAUSE’s history, visit of the research Center and products tasting. An event well covered by both French and US journalists.

More information about this event on AgNetWest or on France 3.

News from our companies

Further success for HM.CLAUSE Open Days in Jordan!

The 3rd international Open Days took place on July 27th and 28th, 2015 at the HM.CLAUSE research station in Amman, Jordan. This meeting is becoming a major event in the Middle East area. More than 180 people from 30 countries in the Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, the US… attended the event, as well as subsidiaries from Algeria, Turkey and Poland.

Download the press release

News from our companies

AgReliant change its LG Seeds brand’s new logo

AgReliant has just launched its LG Seeds brand’s new logo. In an expanding and constantly evolving market, this change reflects LG Seeds’ desire to become a leading brand in genetics, while staying close to its clients.

The new logo represent the brand baseline: « Our seed. Your Soil. Total success. » with three elements: the encompassing corn kernel, interior crop rows and LG Seeds name. AgReliant announced also a new interactive website and other digital elements to share information with LG Seeds’ customers. Caution: This change only concerns the brand LG Seeds, carried by AgReliant on the North American market.

More information on

News from our companies

CANTERRA SEEDS and LIMAGRAIN launch Limagrain Cereals Research Canada

CANTERRA SEEDS and France-based LIMAGRAIN, through its listed company Vilmorin Et Cie S.A., today announced an agreement to establish a new cereal breeding and development partnership, Limagrain Cereals Research Canada, to be located in Saskatoon, SK. 

Download the press release

Product innovation

New Brossard Products

The Savane Crêpes Cacao Noisette supplements the range with a gourmet filling made of 13% hazelnuts, in chocolate spread flavor, and palm oil free, of course.

Very in vogue at the moment, chocolate chips are also enticing in madeleines with the new Savane Madeleines Pépit’.

Jacquet’s Tartine P’tit Déj range has expanded with two new selections: Tartine P’tit Déj for toasting - Nature and Wholemeal. An expansion of the range in line with the genuine positioning of the brand.

Jacquet is also adding to its Géant Burger range with a new brioche version to ride the wave of the sweet/salty recipe trend.


News from our companies

HM.CLAUSE Strengthens Africa Presence with Addition of Kenya Production Facility

HM.CLAUSE celebrated the inauguration of its new home farm in Kenya on Wednesday, April 15, 2015 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by senior management from HM.CLAUSE and the French ambassador to Kenya, M. Rémi Maréchaux, who recognized HM.CLAUSE for its investment in Kenya’s agriculture sector.

The new subsidiary, HM.CLAUSE Kenya Ltd, is located in Nanyuki. Its location on the equator at an elevation of approximately 2,000 meters (6,562 feet) allow to benefit from long days and temperate weather, ideal conditions for year-round vegetable seed production.

HM.CLAUSE Kenya Ltd will be dedicated mainly to indeterminate tomato seed production. HM.CLAUSE Kenya Ltd. employs fifty people full time and has created indirect jobs that are helping to boost the local economy.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Mr. Maréchaux joined HM.CLAUSE executives in planting an East African Yellow tree as a symbol of reforestation and environmental conservation in Africa.

This initiative is a tribute to Wangari Maathai, winner of the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize and founder of the Green Belt Movement.

Product innovation

LCI for Senior Nutrition

In a context of aging population, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) has taken interest in the “Senior Nutrition” market.

The objective is to develop a line-up of ingredients intended for this market, rich in fibers and proteins, easy to chew and with enhanced taste. Thanks to the work of its R&D, LCI has delved into its product range to meet the needs of this new market, with ongoing research to understand it better.


Product innovation

Vilmorin “Succès du jardinier “, or the gardener’s success

Vilmorin Jardin has selected the best varieties from Limagrain's research to create its Vilmorin line-up for France “Succès du jardinier”. Naturally more resistant to diseases, pests or to extreme weather conditions than traditional varieties, the seeds selected are easier to grow.

These varieties have also been adopted for their abundant harvest, their full taste and their capacity to be preserved.

The 53 Vilmorin “Succès du jardinier” varieties, 36 vegetables and 17 floral, can be found in the major French DIY stores, garden centers and self-service agricultural stores.


Product innovation

What’s new at Brossard

Jacquet Brossard is broadening its line-ups. First of all Savane, with a new strawberry “Savane P'tit Déj“ breakfast reference. And there is a new member in the Brownie range too, “Brut de Brownie“, with Pecan Kernels and Dark Chocolate.


Product innovation

Vilmorin Jardin on the market for bedding plants

Vilmorin Jardin is making all its expertise in seeds available in France to home gardeners for bedding plants. The objective is to meet the needs of new gardeners who are looking for fast, simple solutions as their growing surfaces become more restricted. In this coming spring you will find bedding plants for tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers and pimentos, all in the range “Succès du jardinier”.

These bedding plants will be single or double grafted, with some (Twins) proposing two different tomato varieties on the same plant. The line-up will also propose plants adapted to small growing areas.


News from our companies

New industrial site for HM.CLAUSE India

When Century Seeds was acquired in October 2012, HM.CLAUSE India owned facilities which were a long way from each other, and not really suited to the ambitions of the Business Unit for India and Asia.

So at the beginning of 2013, it launched the construction of a new industrial site in Hyderabad, grouping the seed factory, the offices and the Quality Control laboratory together. The teams moved in at the end of September 2014.

As a result HM.CLAUSE now has three factories around the world: Porte-lès-Valence (France), Modesto (United States) and Hyderabad (India).

Product innovation

Yellow carrot, a first for Vilmorin

After orange, purple and even white carrots, it is time for the yellow carrot to take the stage.
Vilmorin is launching its first bright yellow carrot, called “Goldfinger“, on the French market. Innovative and attractive, this variety sets itself apart from other yellow or orange carrots thanks to its excellent taste. Appreciated by professionals, Goldfinger guarantees a juicy, crisp and sweet product that is not bitter, and which can be harvested in fall and winter.

From an agronomic point of view, it demonstrates very good performance in the field and keeps well after harvest, all due to excellent behavior against root dryness. There will be much to say about the Goldfinger carrot…


Product innovation

LCS Genie, from barley to beer…

From the field to the finished product, beer production requires that specific products be used following a precise process. Barley, processed to become malt, is the main cereal ingredient in the recipes of classic as well as artisanal beers.

It is in this market that Limagrain Cereal Seeds launched LCS Genie, a variety of malting barley that matches the growing demand by artisanal maltsters and brewers.

This variety was selected from a range of 70 varieties of European barley. It was recognized to have an adaptation to the climate conditions of the northwestern United States and for its all malt brewing profile, two essential criteria sought after by barley purchasers.

Sold in Denmark and in the United States, this high- performance barley is an exciting new option for US artisanal brewing operations.

News from our companies

La Coopérative lance les Contrats Confiance pour ses adhérents

Discussion meetings and section meetings are opportunities for farmers to share their comments and expectations with the Cooperative.

Last year, after these meetings, Limagrain decided to set up a system to reward the loyalty of its farmer members: Contracts of Trust. Two versions are offered: Contracts of Trust and Contracts of Trust +.

By adhering to these contracts, farmers make a three-year commitment:

to deliver a certain proportion of their wheat and semolina corn acreage contracted to the integrated chain;
to procure a certain percentage of plant care products from the Cooperative.
In return, they receive a premium on the volume delivered depending on the version chosen; they benefit from a minimum price guaranteed over three years, regardless of the market price, for wheat and corn crops contracted to the integrated chain; and they have priority access to reserved varieties.

Today, approximately 500 Cooperative farmer members have signed one of these contracts.

Product innovation

Maggie and Olivia gourmet tomatoes from Hazera

The Hazera breeding teams focused on the idea of taste in creating two new varieties of tomato: Maggie and Olivia.

The product of six years of work, Maggie is a firm- fleshed tomato that unites sweetness and acidity. In addition to its high quality taste, it offers interesting disease resistance and an improved yield per hectare. It is primarily sold in Israel, Mexico and the United States, and is easily recognized on store shelves thanks to its specially labeled packaging.

As for Olivia, this is a new cherry grape tomato combining several strong points. It is visually attractive, delicious and keeps very well after it is harvested. This variety has already delighted consumers and growers, especially in Mexico and the United States.


Product innovation

Family sized Maxi Jac’ and Carrément Mie

As Jacquet's flagship product, sandwich loaves are essential these days.
To meet the needs of consumers, Jacquet decided to sell two of its main standard products in larger, family sizes.Now, the shelves of large retailers display packages of Maxi Jac' with 22 slices and Carrément mie with 33 slices. These products are palm oil free with no additives and also come in whole wheat or whole grain versions.
News from our companies

Advantage Acre®, a tool for precision farming

After creating an iPad application dedicated to sales people called “AgReliant Information Management”, AgReliant Genetics worked with Spensa Technology* to develop a new program for farmers: Advantage Acre®.

With this innovative tool, growers can enter data from their farms and combine it with information related to AgReliant Genetics hybrids to increase yields on their crops. The application also includes a scouting program to monitor insect pests. The launch phase of this next generation application will take place in 2015.

The integration of the AgReliant Information Management system with the Advantage Acre program will result in a powerful customer relations management tool for the AgReliant Sales Teams.

*American company specialized in the development of precision farming systems.

Product innovation

Specific recipes for speciality breads

Soft tortillas or wraps, bagels, flat breads, pretzels, etc. These specialty breads have their own manufacturing process, and even a unique recipe. But they also have to respond to functional challenges involving atypical textures and tastes. As an expert in the bakery market, Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has again demonstrated its know-how by offering functional, dedicated, made-to-measure solutions for each of these specialty breads: obtaining a better texture, optimization of the manufacturing process or overall improvement of the finished product's characteristics. Real vectors of innovation and energy for the line-up, specialty breads have very quickly become a key component in the bakery market.


Product innovation

“Terro’Plum”, a potting soil for home gardeners

Following on from Jardi'Plum, Vilmorin Jardin is launching Terro'Plum, a next generation potting soil, lighter and easier to carry, intended for home gardeners in the city. This crop support, made up of coconut fibers, comes in pellet form for rehydration. Thanks to their agronomic qualities, coconut fibers can be compressed, which reduces the volume and weight to carry. Terro'Plum is therefore light, eco-friendly, clean and easy to use. It is a good alternative to traditional potting soils that use compost, for which the natural resource is running out. Available in specialized stores and in large retailers, this line-up is adapted for all kinds of plants.
News from our companies

Focus on social and professional integration

Convinced that diversity is a factor for performance and innovation, Limagrain Coop wanted to make it one of its priority challenges. Within this scope, several measures for social and professional integration were implemented in 2014:

  • measures for young people: partnerships with different local and national schools, for internships or work-study contracts.
  • measures for the unemployed: opportunities to learn about the company, for occupational training and employment.
  • measures for the disabled: recruiting disabled seasonal workers.

A special action was also implemented with the Employer's Group for Integration and EPI Qualification (Clermont-Ferrand, France). It provided seven people with certified training that is recognized by all French industrial companies.

Product innovation

The Suneo® brand: a response to the needs of farmers

A major player in the sunflower market, Limagrain Europe is innovating this year with the SUNEO® brand. This brand is found on the labels of varieties that combine the best Limagrain genetics, resistance to the broomrape parasite and resistance to Clearfield® weed-killers. SUNEO® thus offers sunflower varieties that give the farmer better control of weeds and broomrape, with better yield. SUNEO® varieties are now available in Turkey, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria, and should be sold in 2015 in other European countries (Ukraine, Russia, Hungary and France).

Product innovation

Tomatillo, an innovative regional product

Belonging to the solanaceae family, like pepper and tomato, the tomatillo is a Mexican vegetable-fruit, used especially for making the spicy green sauce, “salsa verde”.

HM.CLAUSE is the first entity to offer hybrid varieties of this crop, providing growers with superior yield, better uniformity of the harvest and a high-quality fruit. These tomatillo hybrid varieties, like Tomayo or Siqueiros, are gradually becoming preferred growers' hybrid favorites. By innovating in this 40,000 hectare market, HM.CLAUSE has earned market share and increased the total value of this segment exponentially.


Product innovation

Concept Blanc becomes "Château Chalus"

Hace seis años, la bodega Cave Saint-Verny decidió crear productos emblemáticos. Concibió entonces la gama Concept Blanc. La idea consistía en buscar las mejores tierras, las mejores viñas y los mejores vinateros; que la suma de los tres, unida a ensayos de vinificación y cría, pudiera dar un vino excepcional.

Desde la cosecha de 2009, la bodega produce el Concept Blanc. Proveniente de parcelas de Chardonnay situadas en una importante pendiente con exposición sureste, originarias de las laderas de Chalus, que, año tras año, dan un vino notable, digno de las mejores denominaciones de origen.

El periodo "Concepto" de este vino ya ha concluido. Concept Blanc ha sido confirmado y, a partir de la cosecha 2014 tendrá por nombre: "Château Chalus".

The abuse of alcohol is dangerous for one's health, and should be consumed in moderation.


Limagrain wishes you the best for 2015 !

News from our companies

Clause, new logo for new markets

In order to gain new market shares in large food chains, Vilmorin Jardin has chosen the “Lucien Clause“ brand, drawing on more than 120 years of know-how and on good recognition in the seed market and among home gardeners. In order to ensure the best performance and good visibility, the brand revised its logo.


News from our companies

Happy Birthday to HM.CLAUSE ITALIA

In 2014, HM.CLAUSE ITALIA is celebrating its 65th anniversary.
Officially announced during a press conference in mid-March 2014, in Venaria (Italy), the anniversary led to the creation of a logo and a temporary website.

Come discover the history of the company through images, videos, banners and success stories!


Product innovation

LCI, new biolice.bags resin

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients has just launched its new generation of 100% biodegradable biolice.bags resins. Still manufactured from corn flour, the new resin allows for the production of more rigid and resistant bags, close to the traditional standard ones made of polyethylene. This improvement was made possible thanks to the joint know-how of the R&D and Biolice Production teams and technological changes to the production line. Goal: to open new markets in biodegradable bags in Europe.


News from our companies

Jacquet banking on the wheat chain

Jacquet is seeking to establish its brand and bring added value to the entire Limagrain wheat chain.

The new logo, with a simplified typography and design, continues to highlight the brand's bakery know-how. It takes up a larger portion of the packaging and has a section dedicated to promoting the wheat chain message. Along with this packaging change, a new advertising campaign is broadcasting on TV stations. It was filmed in Limagne and shows the manufacture of Jacquet bread from the wheat field right up to the plate. 

Watch the video

News from our companies

The Semi-Marathon des Cooperatives

On Saturday 18 October, Limagrain's head office was in party mode! The Semi-Marathon des Coops (Cooperatives' half marathon) took place in a festive atmosphere, bathed in sunshine that was reminiscent of summer. And it was a great day, with around 1,400 runners set to go despite the heat, 150 volunteers ready to get to work at 7 am on the big day until well into the night and an extraordinarily well-organized race, put together with the help of the Chappes athletics club, Limagne Athlète Endurance. Members of the Board of Directors and of the Executive Committee attended the event.

The half marathon was shown live throughout the day and evening on Facebook Limagrain en Auvergne and Twitter. Log on to see videos and photos of the event!

Below are our runners' results. Limagrain's team comprised members and employees of Biogemma, HM.CLAUSE France and Italy, Limagrain Agro-Productions, Limagrain Cereal Ingredients, Limagrain Europe, Limagrain Italy, Limagrain Services Holding, Jacquet Brossard, Vilmorin Jardin – Suttons, and even a member of staff from Hazera, who had come over from Israel!

10 km race (around 600 registered entrants):
1st Michel Lattier – HM.CLAUSE Portes-lès-Valence (19th) ; 2nd Olivier Dugas – Biogemma (40th) ; 3rd Christophe Pasquier – Limagrain Europe (41st)
1st Cristina Biddogia – HM.Clause Italie (81st) ; 2nd Valérie Gauthier – Limagrain Europe (89th) ; 3rd Fabienne Henriot – Limagrain Europe (129th)

Half marathon (around 800 registered entrants):
1st Pascal Beurrier – Member (7th) ; 2nd Patrice Aubouin – Limagrain Agro-Productions (17th) ; 3rd Antoine Martin – Limagrain Agro-Productions (31st)
1st Adeline Desvignes – Limagrain Services Holding (184th) ; 2nd Sylvie Dalmayrac – Limagrain Services Holding (370th) ; 3rd Nadia Auclair – Limagrain Cereal Ingredients (374th)

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News from our companies

Limagrain in Africa

By forming partnerships with seed companies in Africa and by establishing a local presence, farming cooperative Groupe Limagrain is looking to gain an understanding of the features specific to Africa and to adapt to such features as part of a sustainable strategy.

Limagrain is providing financial resources and technologies so that local seed companies can breed seeds that are suited to local conditions and to major challenges in farming more efficiently.
For the past ten years, Limagrain has been working in Africa, a continent with strong farming potential. There is more than twice the amount of cropped land in Africa compared with Europe, with very significant potential for growth in yields. For a continent with a population that is set to reach 1.5 billion by 2030 and which is looking to be food self-sufficient, improving farming is a key issue.
How can international farming cooperative Groupe Limagrain provide assistance with regard to this major challenge?
By being established locally in the vegetable seeds markets such as it has done in Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and South Africa, and by forming partnerships in corn seeds with African seed companies, which are leading players in field seeds. With no single model for working together, it has local vegetable seed operations, a minority* stakeholding in Seed Co, Zimbabwe, and a majority stakeholding in Link Seeds in South Africa. What is required is gaining a gradual understanding of Africa's special features and adapting to such features as part of a sustainable strategy.
What are the special features of Limagrain's expansion strategy in Africa?
As a farming cooperative set up and managed by farmers, Limagrain is building its development in Africa with a view to the long term, based on continuing its strategic policies and on a proper understanding of farming and farmers. As the world's fourth-largest seed company, Limagrain provides financial resources and technologies so that local seed companies can both breed seeds that are suited to local conditions and to major challenges in farming more efficiently, as well as provide conditions allowing for such seed companies to flourish.
*As of 1 October 2014, Limagrain had a minority stakeholding of 21% in Seed Co.
Limagrain's sales in Africa as at June 30, 2014: around 50 million Euros, which is 2.5% of the Group's total sales.

News from our companies

Vilmorin, sponsor of the 1st International Symposium on Carrot

The first International Symposium on «Carrot and other Apiaceae» took place in Angers (France), from September 17 to 19, 2014. More than 540 participants were expected. Vilmorin, the only seed company sponsor of the event has thus affirmed its position as world leader in carrots. On the agenda: scientific and technical sessions and company visits. Within this scope, Vilmorin welcomed its primary customers from around the world, with a visit to the site and preview of its organization in terms of research, production, quality, and laboratory and factory equipment.


News from our companies

Local Footprint®, an innovative CSR tool

Limagrain is the first French agricultural co-operative to benefit from the new partnership between Services Coop de France* and the Utopies* consulting firm using an innovative tool: “Local Footprint®.”

The goal: to evaluate, as a first step, our economic, environmental, social and societal contribution in Auvergne. The results would allow us to enrich our strategy of having local roots and enhance our discussions with stakeholders.

* Services Coop de France, a union of agricultural co-operatives made up of 286 members, offers solutions for audits, training and advice for co-operatives. Utopies is a consulting company specialized in sustainable development.