Limagrain moves agriculture forward to meet food challenges.

Producing more to feed close to 10 billion people in 2050 (already 8.3 billion in 2030)

The need to increase agricultural production

Extension of acreage


Improvement of yields


+ 70% by 2050

Source : USDA, FAO

Producing better to save natural resources, reduce the need for inputs and improve nutritional qualities

  •  There are major untapped areas for production on condition that varieties are adapted, that farmers are provided with technical support, that infrastructures are created, and that arable land is shared out better.
  • Safe, healthy products need to be proposed to meet:
    - new consumer trends and the evolution of food habits,
    - the requirements of industry and regulations for the health and safety of food,
    - the expectations of civil society and NGOs.

Evolution of the demand for cereals per region in 2050, compared with 2010

Latin America & Caribbean

Western Europe & North America

Eastern Europe & Central Asia

Africa & Middle East

Southern Asia, Easter Asia & Pacific


Our vision of progress in agriculture

Through its cooperative governance, its business activities and its commitment, Limagrain intends to move agriculture forward and contribute to the future of farmers.

Progress in agriculture is dependent on farmers’ access to modern production resources (seeds, plant care products, mechanization, irrigation, etc.), and to the evolution of farming practices.

To provide farmers with access to factors of production, we develop high-performance seeds that meet their needs. Farmers choose commercial seeds because they give assurance of better harvests. Besides seeds, more and more we are providing farmers with efficient and responsible agronomic solutions, such as precision farming.

We are investing in high added-value chains to provide security to the farmer members of the Cooperative and develop know-how in the transformation of cereals.

Regarding intellectual property, we are committed to encouraging access to genetic progress. Convinced that throughout the world farmers should be able to obtain fair prices and remuneration for their work, we also militate for a balanced regulation of agricultural exchanges worldwide.

We believe that there can be no sustainable agriculture without innovation.
We innovate to insure our competitiveness and to contribute to meeting the challenges of the 21st century

Respecting the diversity of different forms of agriculture

For Limagrain, promoting the coexistence of all forms of agriculture, whether conventional, organic, or GM, and adapting to different types of agriculture throughout the world, is part of a balanced vision of sustainable development.

We believe it is necessary to combine all human energies and implement every possible technological improvement in order to meet the challenges of food production and security for the world population.

Allowing access to progress

We know that accessibility to diverse genetic resources has always been the basis for plant innovation.

This is the reason we wish to protect plant breeding while encouraging access

Allowing access to progress