A few figures

More than 2.6 billion
Euros in sales*

92 million
Euros net income

More than 10,000 employees
in the world

A European group open to the world

Even though Europe remains dominant, the Group is developing elsewhere: in the Americas, in Asia Pacific, in Africa and in the Middle East. Geographical analysis of sales Limagrain makes 79% of its sales outside France. Limagrain has subsidiaries in 56 countries with more than 10,000 permanent employees spread out all over the world. In all, more than 70 nationalities are represented by the employees.*


37% of professional sales

20% of employees


46% of professional sales

55% of employees



11% of professional sales

12% of employees


6% of professional sales

13% of employees

Activities spread out between
seeds and cereal products

Analysis of sales by activity (% on a like-for like basis)*


Limagrain Coop

The Limagrain Cooperative posted sales of 69 million Euros despite unfavorable weather conditions. The BUs of the integrated chain demonstrated a great capacity for innovation in valorizing the harvested crops. 

Field Seeds

With sales of 1,404 million Euros, the Field Seeds activity is in line with market trends and presented an increase of more than 7% despite adverse conditions. 

Vegetable Seeds

Vegetable Seeds made sales of 735.8 million Euros. With the development of strategic crops and gains in market share in reference geographic zones, the activity maintained its position as No. 2 worldwide, with an increase greater than market average.

Garden Products

Garden Products posted sales of 51.2 million Euros, in a market context in strong decline. The activity remains the European leader in the seed packet consumer market.

Cereal Ingredients 

With sales of 74 million Euros, the Cereal Ingredients activity demonstrated its capacity for innovation and cooperation in meeting the needs of its customers. The activity is the European leader for functional flours.

Bakery Products

Bakery Products posted sales of 299 million Euros in a delicate economic environment (price war, mergers of major retailers). The activity retains their positions as 2nd largest French baker and 3rd largest French pastry maker.



*Figures for the overall scope of activity worldwide, taking into account data from the companies AgReliant, AGT, Genective, Seed Co, Soltis, Canterra Seeds and Hengji Limagrain Seeds