Key figures 2018/2019

A few figures

1,883 million euros in Group sales*
+ 678 million euros made jointly with strategic partners**

80 million 
Euros net income 


More than 10,000 employees
in the world  

An international group of French origin

Even though Europe remains dominant, the Group is developing elsewhere: in the Americas, in Asia Pacific, in Africa and in the Middle East.  Limagrain makes 78% of its sales outside France and has subsidiaries in 56 countries with more than 10,000 permanent employees spread out all over the world. In all, nearly than 70 nationalities are represented by the employees.*


31 % of professional sales

19 % of employees


52 % of professional sales

55 % of employees



11 % of professional sales

13 % of employees


6 % of professional sales

13 % of employees

15.9% of seed sales invested in research***


     242 M€ invested in reserach 
     (312 M€ with collaborations)

More than 20% 
of our headcount involved
in research

More than 110
research centers
in the world


More than 300
varieties created and marketed
every year


HM.CLAUSE launched a new variety of tomato under the brand name ADORA.

This tomato benefits from breeding by HM.CLAUSE on Marmande tomatoes for more than 50 years, and has the capacity to meet the expectations of growers from the Mediterranean basin. This fruit combines the qualities of traditional tomatoes with a generous size, a sweeter taste and an unprecedented black color. ADORA is a concentrate of vitality, rich in antioxidants, a source of vitamins and minerals, and has excellent shelf life.

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Limagrain offers products better adapted to new consumer trends: recipes that are palm-oil-free, additive-free and even gluten-free.

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in processes and products


In the area of precision farming, Limagrain Coop developed, for the Cooperative’s farmer members, Limagine Decision, an innovative solution to guide growing from sowing to harvesting. Limagine correlates meteorological information with the data recorded by the farmer, thus helping him to manage, analyse and anticipate the process of his crops and make the best decision at the best time.

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*Group Data (IFRS 11)
**Strategic partnerships: AgReliant, AGT, Genective, Seed Co, Soltis, Canterra Seeds, Hengji Limagrain seeds, Carthage Génétique, and Prime Seed Co
***Sales of seed activities intended for professional markets and including 50% of the activities of AgReliant

More than 10,000 employees in the world, and more than 80 nationalities

Limagrain Coop
399 employees

Field Seeds
4,102 employees

Vegetable Seeds
3,878 employees

Garden Products
265 employees

Cereal Ingredients
335 employees

Bakery Products
1,279 employees

Distribution of employees by profession

Research & Development


Production / Supply chain


Support functions


Marketing / Sales



Limagrain in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

 Today, the Limagrain Cooperative has more than 40,000 ha of production under contract, which represents around 50% of plant production in Puy-de-Dôme.

Close to


farmer members

Close to



(among more than 10,000 in the world)*

More than



employed in research
(among more than 2,000 in the world)*

A turnover of  


millions Euros Sales

(among close to 1.8 billion euros for the Group)*

*Figures for the overall scope of activity worldwide, taking into account data from the companies AgReliant, AGT, Genective, Seed Co, Soltis, Canterra Seeds, Hengji Limagrain Seeds, Carthage Génétique and Prime Seed Co.