Innovation in processes and products

Innovation in the service of operational excellence

At most research and production sites, Limagrain is rolling out effective methods to achieve operational excellence, in a spirit of co-construction with employees. It is also working to constantly improve its production tools and supplier relationships.

Thanks to the implementation of quality management systems that conform to the highest European and international requirements, Limagrain guarantees reliable traceability, from collection to processing to sales.

  • 31 companies representing 76% of Limagrain’s sales have set up a Quality Management system**
  • All our European companies working on bread and pastries markets (Jacquet Brossard) and cereal ingredients markets (Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients) are certified in food safety (BRC, IFS, FAMI-QS*)**
*BRC (British Retail Consortium); IFS (International Featured Standard); FAMI-QS (Quality and Safety System for Specialty Feed Ingredients and their Mixtures)
**IFRS Figures

Cereal chains,
high-tech control

Limagrain has the unique ability to combine genetic resources, the agronomic and environmental needs of farmers, the technological requirements of industry and the nutritional and taste expectations of consumers.

In this way, cereals have become the place where innovation is concentrated.

A collective intelligence

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) and Jacquet Brossard work in close collaboration with Limagrain breeders. Cereal ingredients and products are analyzed at every step of the processing chain. This includes working on the structure of raw materials, measuring the mechanical properties of breads and dough, and transcribing the functionalities provided by starch and proteins, etc.

The results of this collective intelligence include excellent hard wheat for sandwich bread and hamburger buns, softer wheat for cookies, improver wheat that optimizes the level of protein in the cereal and provides softness to bread, or even carefully bred wheat that increases the density of vitamins and minerals or reduces the caloric content in finished goods, without affecting the taste or look.