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The desire to be close to markets all explain Limagrain’s presence in 49 countries through a network of over 150 sites where permanent staff work. Mainly located in rural areas, these sites firstly have an impact on local employment, in particular for the subcontracting and seasonal work they provide. In addition, as a testimony to Limagrain’s culture of co-operation, each site maintains a quality dialogue with its stakeholders and develops a partnership-based approach in its community. The site therefore becomes involved in a number of social or educative initiatives that enable it to participate in local life and express its social utility, whilst helping to ensure the world of agriculture and food issues are better understood and promoted worldwide.

social commitment 
(1) over the 2021-2022 financial year in the Limagrain perimeter 

Our achievements

villagers India HM Clause

Improving the living conditions of communities linked to our sites in India

In India, Bisco Bio Sciences has built housing, with access to drinking water nearby, outside the boundary of the factory, to offer employees and their children a decent place to live. For its part, HM.CLAUSE India has chosen eradication of child labour, education, access to clean water and sanitation as the main focuses of its CSR programme.

Recent initiatives have involved:

  • providing school supplies (uniforms, exercise books, pencils, etc.) in various schools within the production areas,
  • renovating the school near the Bangalore research centre,
  • building brick toilets, with separate cubicles for boys and girls
  • creating a brick library in the village, supplied with electricity,
  • cleaning the lake close to the research station before the rainy season, to collect as much water as possible.
            schoolchildren vegetale gardens plants  

Teaching schoolchildren how to grow plants

A number of initiatives have been introduced to develop vegetable gardens in schools. Limagrain China in Beijing, Vilmorin Mikado in Toke and Otaki (Japan) and HM.CLAUSE in Australia are all involved in this type of action, whereby employees go to meet children and teach them about plants and seeds.

Jardins du Coeur Vilmorin Jardin  

Vilmorin Jardin supports Jardins du Cœur

Keen to encourage the pleasure of learning and experimenting in the garden, Vilmorin Jardin has been supporting Jardins du Coeur in France since 2014. This is a branch of the well-known Restos du Coeur project and involves gardening workshops to help reintegrate people in difficulty into society. 

In addition, they supply vegetables that are then distributed by the Restaurants of Love.

Every year, Vilmorin Jardin gives seeds to 42 French Gardens of Love.

bicycles and childrens

Vilmorin Atlas provides bicycles to help children get to school

In many countries, access to education is hindered by the distance between where pupils live and their school. Having to walk a long distance to school is often a reason for children giving up schooling.

To lower this drop-out rate and allow easier access to education, Vilmorin Atlas has provided 40 bicycles to the parents’ association of the Aït Bouli school to help children that do not live on school bus routes get to school more quickly.