Even more renewable electricity at Limagrain's French sites!

Since January 1, EDF has supplied Limagrain with all of the renewable electricity produced by a wind farm located in Moselle.

All French sites will benefit from this supply, especially those in the Jacquet Brossard BU, which consumes the most electricity. This production will cover up to 11% of their power consumption by 2024.

This 3-year commitment is part of a contract called PPA (Power Purchase Agreement), which directly links the electricity produced by a renewable energy producer (wind, solar, hydroelectric) and the electricity a customer consumes, for delivery over a given period of time at a price determined on the date of the contract.

Negotiated by the Group purchasing coordination department, this supply contract allows Limagrain to:

- Ensure better visibility of its supply and lock-in rates in a very volatile energy market,

- Continue to diversify its energy mix by supplementing its sources of renewable energy (representing 7% of the Group’s energy consumption in 2020-2021),

- Extend its commitments to help with the revitalization of the region by getting its supply from Moselle (windfarm in Bambiderstroff - Longeville-lès-Saint-Avold).

Limagrain is among the first French companies to have signed this type of innovative contract, which balances economic performance and energy transition.