Contribute to sustainable performance of coop-members' farms


Limagrain has been contributing to the activity of its cooperative partners farms for over 50 years, by offering production areas that provide fair remuneration and solutions (products or services) to help the sustainable performance of their farms from an economic, social and environmental viewpoint. Through the creation of its “seeds”, “cover wheat” and “semolina corn” integrated chains, combining production under contract from farmers and the local installation of dedicated industrial tools, the cooperative has managed to capture and redistribute added value, whilst creating jobs in the local area. To preserve agricultural family entrepreneurship in Limagne Val d’Allier, Limagrain is seeking to add to these integrated chains, offer new opportunities for income and support its cooperative partners with the digitisation of agriculture.

New productions in Limagne

The development of seed production for new crops is experiencing a boom. Starting from scratch ten years ago, the production area of sunflower seeds is now more than 500 ha. Similarly, the production of vegetable seeds is in development and represents 223 ha in 2020.

Developing new production opportunities for cooperative partners

Limagrain wants to implement new secured chains that provide added value to farmer members in Limagne, while also responding to agronomic interests (crop rotation, nitrogen fixation in the soil...) and societal demands (introduction of plant-based proteins into food, promotion of short channels).

One of the projects identified: the production of plant-based proteins intended for human consumption through the development of pulse crops (chickpeas, lentils, and beans) in Limagne in rotation with wheat and corn crops.

Another example of diversification is the implementation of an alfalfa hay production chain for cheese producers under the Saint-Nectaire Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).

Providing support for the digital transformation of agriculture

Always close to its cooperative partners, Limagrain is participating in the digital transformation of agriculture in Limagne Val d’Allier. Furthermore, Limagrain offers its farmer members Limagine, a plot-tracking software that records operations and observations performed on plots.

In the past, agriculture progressed over time through the accumulation of local knowledge harvest after harvest. These days, the ability to access multilocal data from a range of conditions means that it is the analysis of simultaneous experience on a range of geographical areas that has become a source of major progress.

These data will enable Limagrain to provide more specific advice as well as support its farmer members in implementing precision farming, the goal of which is to optimize production conditions and meet the needs of customers.