Code of conduct

Structuring Limagrain's business ethics was an approach driven by the Group’s executive management in 2013, in the context of its program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Business ethics covers both the individual behavior of Limagrain employees and the collective behavior upheld by the company. The areas targeted by ethics are extremely wide and varied; they range from fighting corruption to protecting the environment and respecting human rights.

The Limagrain Code of Conduct was launched on March 30, 2015, in eleven languages. It is a means for all employees to speak a common language, wherever they go within the Group, sharing the same principles of governance and ethics.

The goal is to ensure that every employee in the world knows about the Code of Conduct and its purpose, understands its content and is able to use it if needed.

Discerning ethical acts and avoiding errors are also concerns which contribute to the search for excellence.