Building new relationship models and creating value

Building new relationship
models and creating value

Limagrain encourages dialogue with its stakeholders and develops a partnership approach. A detailed knowledge of the agricultural world, coupled with knowledge of our suppliers and customers, are the necessary conditions to offer products and solutions that are in line with the needs of the market. To prepare for the future in the best possible way, the development of our activities is based on collaborative team work and an exchange of best practices internally and in close proximity with our areas of operation.

Through our activities, we are involved in interprofessional collaboration and contribute to professional associations.

Strong involvement for the attractiveness of Auvergne

In Auvergne, the home of the Cooperative, we are committed to various projects that aim to make Limagne Val d’Allier a zone of agriculture excellence, and to make Auvergne an attractive region.

We are partners in numerous development projects, among which the Céréales Vallée competitiveness cluster and the Regional Innovation Laboratory at the forefront. Limagrain is an active member of the scientific community, playing an important role in higher education and vocational training in the Auvergne region. The Group participates in the Foundation of the Université d’Auvergne, the SIGMA Foundation engineering school), the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Clermont (the Clermont Graduate School of Management) and more recently the Industry Trade Center, Hall 32 (operational in September 2019).

Limagrain works with regional trade organizations (ARIA, Coop de France ARA, CCI63, etc.), and scientific organizations (INRA, IRSTEA) and holds regular exchanges with government services and local authorities.

Limagrain is involved in the attractiveness of Auvergne by sponsoring the ASM Clermont Auvergne rugby club, the Chaîne des Puys - Faille de Limagne Foundation, recently listed as a Unesco World Heritage site, and by supporting the Auvergne Region brand.

Close engagement with society
in our areas of operation

Some partnerships also have the goal of constructive company engagement in regions where we are located. Our Group and its subsidiaries are developing or participating in numerous social and educational actions. This is a way for our Business Units to participate in local life and express their social utility, while also contributing to raising awareness and increasing the value of the agricultural world and food issues worldwide.

HM.CLAUSE’s initiatives
for preserving the Environment

HM.CLAUSE is committed to preserving flora and fauna, especially through actions for protecting the natural habitat of bank swallows in Davis (USA) and in wooded areas in Wisconsin. In Kenya, teams are actively involved in protecting biodiversity by working with local GMOs to preserve the forests, biodiversity and eco-systems of Mount Kenya as well as working to save the black rhinoceros that is hunted for its ivory horn. 

Nurseries for Nurseries,
a Limagrain China initiative

In 2016, in partnership with the French Ambassador in Beijing, Limagrain China launched a flower and plant growing competition open free of charge to local schools. 22 establishments participated. The schools reserved 20 m2 of their outdoor space to create a vegetable garden and follow lessons on the theme of gardening and life-sciences, thanks to educational kits supplied by Limagrain, who also donated seeds from all over the world along with tools, natural fertilizers and natural insecticides.
Hazera’s social commitment
in Israel

For several years, Hazera has carried out a program of actions focused on the education of young people in three Israeli sites situated in disadvantaged areas. This program is made up of different initiatives for raising awareness and education, based around employees’ skills in biology and agriculture. In this context, introductory agricultural sessions are organized in nurseries and genetics workshops are proposed in laboratories and greenhouses in Hazera. A community, called Kedma Youth Community, has also been created and has its own dedicated organic greenhouse. The objective is to encourage young people to carry out a manual activity and acquire knowledge about plants, while also training them in project management..

Research partnerships to go further

For more than 50 years, our Group has been forming many scientific collaborations with public and private research laboratories all over the world. In Field Seeds, the Group is a majority shareholder in Biogemma for plant biotechnology, in Genective, a joint venture built with the KWS seed company to develop GMO corn traits, in Australian Grain Technology – the Australian leader for the breeding, development and distribution of innovative cereal varieties, and in Soltis – a joint venture formed with Euralis, specializing in sunflower research. In Vegetable Seeds, Limagrain is participating in plant biotechnology at KeyGene (Netherlands). 

Throughout the world, the Group has also formed numerous scientific collaborations with public or private research: University of Davis (United States), Hebrew University (Israel), CSIRO (Australia), University of Wageningen (Netherlands), University of Chiba (Japan), etc.