Annual Press Conference


On Thursday, January 13, 2022, Limagrain held its annual press conference. Sébastien VIDAL, Limagrain’s Chairman and Sebastien CHAUFFAUT, CEO, were able to interact with about fifteen journalists using a remote format for the first time!

Sébastien Vidal, Limagrain’s new Chairman, began the conference by recalling that the farming profession was “a project of a lifetime, a work of passion.” Pointing then to the numerous challenges agriculture is facing, Sébastien Vidal focused particularly on the challenges of the agricultural transition. While farmers are ready to meet the challenges of this transition, adequate resources will need to be made available. The agricultural transition cannot simply be decreed but must be built for and with farmers.

Sébastien Vidal followed with a discussion of the consequences of climate change on agricultural production, which has been the victim of repeated droughts. What is one solution implemented? The shared and multi-use aspect of water resource management, with efficiency as the goal, in order to ensure that crops develop properly in the summer.

The Chairman finished his introduction by expressing his hope that one of his children will one day take over his farm, which is synonymous with the long-term attractiveness of the farming profession.


Sébastien Chauffaut, in his introduction, presented the Group’s remarkable performance over the past year, in spite of another unfavorable health context. All the Group’s activities increased, on historical markets as well as in more recent development areas. One of the goals set for this new year will be to “maintain our positions while also gaining new ones,” by developing our activities, especially in South America and Asia.

This press conference was also an opportunity to reaffirm the goal of developing our agri-food chains, real short industrial channels, which contribute to the continuity of the farms in the region. This development requires sustained investments in our region of origin. Sébastien Chauffaut also discussed the construction of the new Ennezat mill NZA 1000 (24 million euros invested), and the recent decision to invest 37 million euros in the creation of a new burger bun manufacturing line at the Jacquet factory in Saint-Beauzire.

Journalists then expressed interest in Jacquet-Brossard’s development outlooks. The CEO recalled the strategic goal of continuing to improve the quality of our raw materials to meet consumer expectations (more fiber, less sugar, etc.) while also innovating by developing new products. He also said that this subsidiary’s activity will be impacted by the Egalim 2 law, a law that is moving in the right direction in terms of guaranteeing farmer incomes, but that still has gray areas that need to be clarified, especially concerning the commercial relation between industrialists and dealers.


The journalists then mentioned the future of the integrated plant-based proteins chain, inquiring about the activity of the company Nutrinat.  Sébastien Vidal confirmed that Limagrain was continuing to work on developing this chain, with efforts focused on improving farming techniques. Because before this chain’s processing and concrete opportunities can be considered, there is a need to “ensure production in the fields.” This requires a review of farming techniques and an improvement in available genetics.


The Chairman and CEO concluded the conference by indicating that French agriculture plays an essential role in guaranteeing our food sovereignty. Sébastien Vidal concluded by saying: “Agriculture should not be viewed as a problem, but as a solution.”