Agri-food chains


From our core business, seeds, we have created integrated value chains in our region of origin for the wheat and corn production of our farmer members. In order to contribute to the continuity of their farms, the development of chains now also involves internationalization and new chains for food.

We are located in the heart of France, the home region of our parent company, the Limagrain Cooperative, which brings together close to 1,300 farmers. While the land is fertile, the Limagne Val d’Allier plain is inconveniently located, far from ports and major consumer basins, and is surrounded by two mountain ranges that limit the size of cultivated acreage. Farmers have invested in the construction of integrated cereal chains to create even more value locally for the land and the region, by providing farmer members withproduction contracts.

The integrated chain strategy began in 1983 with the construction of a corn mill. Patiently developed over more than 30 years, the construction of integrated chains was especially marked by the purchase of Jacquet in 1995, allowing us to process our wheat to become products for consumers. Jacquet Brossard is developing today in France and wants to create value internationally through pastries.

With the acquisition of Unicorn in 2018, Limagrain strengthened its ingredients product line-up, moving into new markets such as animal nutrition, and affirmed the international ambitions of its integrated chains. 

Today, Limagrain wants to establish new integrated chains, such as pulses, that provide added value to farmer members, while also responding to agronomic interests (crop rotation, nitrogen fixation in the soil, etc.) and societal demands (introduction of plant-based proteins into food, short channels, etc.). Limagrain thus purchased a majority stake in Nutrinat, a French startup specialized in manufacturing food made from pulses and cereals. This collaboration, which lays the groundwork for the construction of an integrated chain for pulses in the Group, will provide diversification crops to Cooperative farmer members and also meet consumer expectations.

What makes us unique

for functional flours

No. 2 
industrial baker

with the brands Jacquet and Brossard

No. 1
in France 
for hamburger buns, festive breads, brownies, and fruit cakes

  • Limagrain is the only seed company to link breeders, farmers, industrialists, distributors, and consumers.
  • Our strategic orientations are consistent over time: we have built our integrated chains with perseverance. We have sometimes acquired companies without looking for short-term profitability, and we have been able to invest and innovate to achieve a return to profitability and create value for our farmer members and customers.
  • Our know-how in integrated cereal chains is unique: we have developed a proven understanding of the interplay between the genetic characteristics of plants and industrial processes
  • Every day, we are committed to making our Cooperative’s region in France an area of agricultural excellence. With our integrated chains in short industrial channels, we are one of the leaders in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region where we help to support its strength and attractiveness.

Limagrain and the quality of its agri-food products

Limagrain’s agri-food products are the various types of production resulting from the activities of Limagrain Coop, Limagrain Ingredients and Jacquet Brossard.

Their quality is essentially defined by 3 criteria:

  • Health quality
  • Nutritional quality
  • Organoleptic qualities