A human adventure

Develop your entrepreneurial spirit

At Limagrain, we do not have a single model of development all over the world but rather our Business Units enrich the Group with their diversity of approaches. Delegation and accountability are key principles that guide our organization and management model. With us, you are invited to be proactive, express a spirit of entrepreneurship, take the initiative, be autonomous and take on responsibilities that make you evolve.
Access induction programs

New employees benefi t from an induction process within their Business Unit to facilitate the knowledge of the activity. The Group also organizes induction program to share the Limagrain culture and improve the knowledge of the Group’s business, its challenges and its ambitions.

Build your path around various opportunities

At Limagrain, there is not just one professional developmental path, but a variety of opportunities: internal mobility, from one job to another, from one subsidiary to another or from one country to another. We support you individually to build your career with you. Accompanied by your manager and human resources, you remain the main actor of your career.

Share and learn in Limagrain Academy

Limagrain Academy supports the development of the Group with development programs, targeted trainings and virtual learning sessions. It relies on internal experts and works with external partners to off er customized programs adapted to our needs. These programs are open to our co-op members and employees all around the globe : they promote intercultural exchanges and collaboration between our people from our various activities.

Get benefits

Each employee receives financial and social benefits adapted to the regulations, cultures and local practices. The Group also off ers a global incentive program: today, every employee is associated with the Group’s and its Business Units’ results.