Limagrain, taking action for food security
It took the worldwide spread of Covid-19 and the implementation of lockdown measures to limit its spread for citizens to rediscover agriculture's strategic place and the absolute necessity to maintain the food chain and each of its links. The situation we are living through has demonstrated, once again the unwavering commitment of farmers in France and around the world to feeding their contemporaries.

Limagrain, an agricultural cooperative and international seed group has, for 50 years, been committed to making seeds available to farmers and market growers that enable them to meet the demand and provide, for example,wheat that, once processed into flour, becomes bread, corn, that helps to feed beef and dairy cows or poultry, and vegetables, that show up directly on dinner tables in France.
Seeds, the first link in the food chain
Seeds, the first link in the food chain, allow farmers to produce enough quantities to ensure food security with excellent quality to meet societal, environmental and economic expectations. Limagrain's business is to research traits in plant genes to improve their yield, resistance, taste, and nutritional qualities.
The Group breeds, produces, and distributes field seeds (corn, wheat, sunflower, oilseed rape, etc.) and vegetable seeds (tomato, carrot, melon, cauliflower, bell pepper) to customers (farmers, market growers, and canners). Each year, Limagrain invests 15.9% of its seed sales in research and depends on a network of 110 research sites throughout the world to best respond to the expectations of each region depending on their growing methods and consumption patterns.

Aware of the strategic place held by seeds, Limagrain and all of its employees have been committed to the continuation of its activities during the lockdown period due to Covid-19. This has included the ability to deliver seeds produced by the Group in France and throughout the world so that farmers are able, in the coming weeks for example, to proceed with the sowing of sunflower and corn in France and the northern hemisphere.
The Group's agri-business activities, developed especially to bring added value to the production of the Limagrain Cooperative's farmer members, are also continuing their production to provide artisan bakers with flour, agri-business companies with ingredients (Limagrain Ingredients), and consumers with bread and cakes (Jacquet Brossard).

In the entire Group, all health measures and social distancing have been implemented to ensure business can continue. All production factories, research centers and logistics centers continue to produce and ship seeds and cereal products to supply the food chain and feed our fellow citizens. At the same time, support functions, which represent close to a third of the Group's employees, are teleworking.
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The Limagrain Cooperative's farmer members have
also been active
   The Cooperative, like Limagrain's other organizations, has been working since the beginning of the pandemic to continue its activity with the implementation of specific operating rules essential for protecting everyone's health.

The 1,500 farmer members of the Limagrain Cooperative are working in the fields, determinedly committed to fulfilling their key role in the food chain. They are preparing their plots for the sowing of spring crops, especially sunflower and corn, planned for early April which will enable harvesting corn in the fall for human consumption and provide seeds for next year.

The Cooperative's Technicians, who usually visit the fields with the farmers, are doing so on their own, then speaking with them remotely by telephone, regarding their production contracted out with the Cooperative.
key facts and figures
56 countries
Limagrain is an agricultural cooperative owned by close to 1,500 farmers located in Limagne Val d'Allier
and an international seed group with more
than 10,000 employees in 56 countries.
Cooperate for the progress of agriculture everywhere, for all.
15,9 %
The Group is working on close to 60 crops and dedicates
242 million euros to research, or 15.9% of its seed sales.
1 883 M€*
As the fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain, with well-known brands on their markets such as LG, Vilmorin, Hazera, Harris Moran, Jacquet, and Brossard, makes, 1 883 M€* in sales, to which is added
678 M€** in sales made
jointly with its strategic partners.

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* Group data (IFRS11)
** Strategic partnerships: AgReliant, AGT, Genective, Seed Co, Soltis, Canterra Seeds, Hengji Limagrain Seeds, Carthage Genetique, and Prime Seed Co
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