Agriculture welcomes you with open arms
The 2020 Agriculture Trade Show, which will close its doors on March 1, 2020, has again been a wonderful opportunity to showcase agriculture in all its diversity and know-how. On a daily basis, farmers and employees in the agriculture segment are working to better respond to the expectations of society. Since its founding, Limagrain has depended on its know-how in seeds and plant improvement to provide solutions to the farmers of the world who today are committed to producing more and better.
Agriculture is not a problem but a source of solutions
Agriculture and farmers have to meet many challenges to produce healthy, varied, and quality food for their contemporaries, while also preserving the planet. Seeds, correlated to plant breeding efforts, provide answers thanks to better adapted plants. All crop production begins with a seed. For its activity in vegetable seeds, Limagrain dedicates more than 30% of its research budget to introducing resistances into new varieties of vegetables. And there are numerous enemies of vegetable crops such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, and insects. New pathogens appear regularly as is the case at the moment with the TBRFV virus (Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus). These resistances, when they exist, allow farmers to apply fewer chemical products or to forgo them completely when possible.
Breeding work is a long-term endeavor. Indeed, it takes between 8 and 10 years to breed a new variety. Limagrain believes that genetics, which have already contributed 50% of improvements in agricultural performance since the end of the second world war, both quantitatively and qualitatively, are essential for meeting the new challenges faced by the agricultural world.
Meeting the diversity of crops
Limagrain is a multi-crop seed company in field seeds and vegetable seeds. The Group is present in 56 countries and is focused on meeting the needs of farmers throughout the world while respecting local practices and the specific expectations of local markets.

Each year, Limagrain invests 15,9% de son chiffre d'affaires semences dans la recherche, that is, 242 million euros. Limagrain offers more than 5,000 varieties covering more than 60 plant crops. Each year the Group distributes more than 255 new varieties.
The European Bank has provided a loan of 170 million euros to Limagrain
The EIB and Limagrain have just reached a loan agreement of 170 million euros, involving two tranches with maturity at 5 and 7 years. These funds will be used to support the research and development investment in seeds (field seeds and vegetable seeds) for varieties presenting better agronomic, food, and environmental qualities. Read more
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